The All Singing, All Dancing, Magic Words 2016 (and e-course)!

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Greetings here at the very front edge of December.  As promised, you can now download Magic Words 2016 here on Dropbox.

Also as promised, if you want to work more with your Word of the Year but aren’t sure how to integrate it into your life, I invite you to join my new e-course, Magic Words Monthly.  For $18, you will receive a monthly packet (most likely on the 15th so you’ll have it by the beginning of the coming month) containing this sort of thing:

  • Worksheets on goal setting and planning using your Word
  • Meditations and Divination using your Word
  • Printable artwork and affirmations
  • Profiles of people who embody particular Words
  • My own experiences working with my Word for 2016 (whatever it is)
  • Recommended reading and resources for each month
  • And as a BONUS, at some point during the six months, if you’ll send me your Word, I’ll do a small personal lettering/illustration of it (a 4×6″ print) for you to place on a meditation altar, clip into your planner, put in a small frame, glue onto your vision board- whatever you want!  I can’t give you a firm deadline for getting those to you, but it *will* be by the time the course ends in June.

What I’m digging about offering this course is that it plays to my strengths and loves.  I love words, I love creating printables and worksheets, and I love telling stories.  I love creating meditations and journal prompts.  I love everything I’m planning to do in the Magic Words course!  I hope you’ll join me and see how much fun something as simple as a Word of the Year can be.

The course lasts for six months and there will likely be an “exit packet” of resources to keep you going for the rest of the year. I had thought about making it a full year, but that’s an awfully big commitment both for you and for me.  I’m considering making a Facebook group for the students to hang around and talk, though if anyone taking the course would like to take that on, I’d be thrilled.  People management is *not* my strength.

Use the button below to purchase the course, and you’ll be directed to a signup page to join the mailing list.  The deadline for registration is December 31.

 Magic Words Monthly, 2016  –  $18.00

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Say the (New!) Magic Words

Greetings on this post-gluttony-fest Monday!

Which means that it’s nearly December, and that ushers in the period that planners and self-help types love:  that mystical time until New Year’s when we stop and re-evaluate what the hell we did with this year and what we might want next year to look like.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 3.13.18 AM

Last year, I offered my own tool for your enjoyment:  The Magic Words workbook, which helped you choose a Word of the Year.  It was designed as an antidote for all those “30 Days to a Brand New You!” and “Perfect Discipline in 24 Hours!” kinds of nonsense that are all the rage.  Magic Words, I claimed, are not meant to be laws or vows, though you can make them so if you want; they’re a gentler guide.

I got a lot of positive feedback both on the concept and the workbook itself, so I decided to try something a little more ambitious this year.

On December 1 I’ll be publishing a new version of Magic Words.  The main difference is that it will say 2016 instead of 15, but I have done some editing and tweaked a bit here and there.  It is, as it was last year, totally free for download.

But here’s the fun thing!  If you like Magic Words, and want to keep working with the idea with a little more support, you’re in luck.  When I release Magic Words, I’ll give you a link to purchase an e-course (e-course is a bit of a misnomer, but I couldn’t think of better).  For a mere $18, you can join a six-month mailing list.  Each month (around the 15th) you’ll receive materials to help you with the coming month – goal setting advice and worksheets, stories of my own work with my word (which I’ll be doing right along with you), profiles of people who I feel embody particular words, printable art work and affirmations drawn by my own hand, and recommended reading and resources for each month.  You’ll get half a year of that for $18!

Why is the price so low?  Well, it’s kind of an out-of-nowhere Idea I had, and the whole thing is an experiment.  I’m kind of in a money crunch these days (my wonderful Patreon followers are keeping me afloat right now), but since it’s new and I have no idea what to expect I wanted it to be extra affordable.

This won’t be an interactive course; I’m not terribly good at staying connected to that sort of thing and I’m trying to play more to my strengths instead of force myself to dwell on my weaknesses.  I hope I’ll see you on the list!  There will be more information on December 1, so keep an eye out for that post.

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Pre-Insanity Etsy Sale

Just a quick note – in honor of my 38th ride on a damp rock around a wee star, I’m having a 20% off everything sale in my Etsy shop!

Been putting off ordering a custom shrine?  20% off!  Want to remind yourself to do your roots or take your meds?  There’s a sticker for that and it’s 20% off!

Sale lasts through November 22nd.  I’m planning a couple of special deals for Black Friday, but they’ll be for specific items.  This one applies to everything in the shop including custom work!


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Pimp My Planner: You Say It’s Your Birthday

Greetings all!  Thursday is, as you might notice, my birthday, so I decided to just sort of run with the theme of celebration and change.  It’s also one of the last week’s I’ll be using this particular planner – though don’t worry, I’ll probably be back in it before too long.  I don’t plan on being (ha! sorry/not sorry for the pun) one of those ladies who have a dozen planners and switch out every week (mostly because I can’t afford it), but just when I think I’ve hit Planner Peace I see some new stickers or accessories for a different system than mine, and I end up switching from a binder to a coil-bound or back again like a madwoman.  That’s how it starts, guys.

Anyway, my new planner doesn’t start until December, so I have a couple more weeks’ worth of A5 Filo to play with.  Here’s this week’s (resources below):

2015-11-16 12

Wow, that picture turned out worse than I thought.  Sorry guys!  At any rate:

I drew the cake myself, as well as the date numbers and the “weekend” label. (Colored with Crayola colored pencils.) The TV stickers, To Do list (on Monday), Time Machine reminder, coffee cup, and Mothership reminder are all my designs as well.

The quote box stickers came from various places.  The typewriter, “dream big,” and butterfly are from Simple Stories’ Digital Collections.  I’m pretty sure all the washi came from Michael’s; the Hello Beautiful sticker is from the  Me and My Big Ideas Happy Planner line.  The kitty on a laptop came from Doodles First, an Etsy shop full of delightful clip art.  Lastly, the flag stickers up top (Hello Gorgeous, Sparkle & Shine, etc) are from the Reset Girl collection.

Have a great week – I should be back here at least once more this week to talk about the whole turning-38-thing.

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Five Ways a Planner Helps With My Well-Being

A lot of people don’t understand the whole planner thing.  It seems silly, maybe pointless, a waste of time and money that could be used actually doing stuff.

I can’t speak for all the other plannerds out there, but I can tell you that my seemingly silly and pointless hobby is very important to me as a person with a mood disorder and general inability to adult worth a damn.  Here are some reasons why that go beyond getting to the dentist on time.

2015-11-10 21

(Note: All hobbies are by nature silly and pointless to some extent. That’s why they’re hobbies.  Planning in itself is practical, but all the fun stuff we add to it is the hobby – and it’s no sillier than collecting stamps or playing fantasy football.  Personally I think it’s about a million times less silly than fantasy football, but that’s why football isn’t my hobby.)

1 – I track all of my symptoms.

People use planners for all sorts of things besides just keeping tabs on their appointments.

In my own planner I have a weekly mood tracker; it’s not detailed, but it lets me assign a number value to my overall mood and then watch it rise and fall.  I use a graph to make it visual – and I can extract all the data from months’ worth of trackers and plot out trends for months or years. I open my planner every day at least for a minute, and I remember to make note of how I felt that day.  That’s invaluable information when it comes time to see the doctor.

Not to mention, in your planner you can keep records of doctor visits so you can compare notes from one to another; and you can have a place to jot down questions for your health care professionals.  I know I always forget half of what I wanted to ask when I go in.  I can keep a list of my medications handy, a record of all the meds I’ve taken so if my doctor asks “Have you ever had…” I’ll remember if I have, and the contact information of all my various professional folk – all together and easily within reach.  It helps me feel less flustered at the doctor’s office.

2015-11-12 12.59.23

2 – I also keep track of what I’m doing to help myself.

Exercise, water intake, meals, meditation and/or prayer – not only can you plan what days you want to do what, you can keep an eye on how often you actually do them.

It’s also important to keep track of my meds – If I notice distressing symptoms the first thing I do is look to see whether I’ve missed a couple of days.

3 – I am able to see what I’ve accomplished during the week – and what I have to look forward to.

It’s easy, when you have depression or bipolar or similar, to forget that you actually do things, and that there are things coming up that you can get excited about. It doesn’t matter how big or small those things are.  Every little bit helps.

I have goal pages, too, which are a popular idea among planner people.  Not only can you write down big goals, you can break them down into manageable bites and then track those bites.  Looking back you can learn things about your personal habits and how they help or hinder your achievements.

4 – I feel more connected to my own life.

I often feel like I’m missing my life.  The days pass by in a blur and I have no idea what day or even what week it is. My planner acts partly as a bare-bones journal – I get a snapshot of what was going on at any given time.  (I keep old pages for a few months.)  You can also have space in the week where you actually do journal – even just a few lines recounting the high or low points of the day can make you feel better in the short term and be helpful in the long term.

Also, I can keep lists or other representation of things I’ve done all year – right now I have a page dedicated to movie ticket stubs, and another where I glue in images of the cover of each book I read (next to which I write down the date I finished it and how I’d rate it).

5 – It’s a low-stakes form of creative expression.

I think the part of planner love that gets the most funny looks is decorating.  Why spend all that time and use all that stuff just to make something pretty you’re not even going to need for more than a week?

I think that’s part of the draw, actually.  I can make my pages pretty, or ugly, or use a theme, or just be random, or doodle and color, or use stickers, and unless I post pictures of it, no one will judge what I do.  I can go online and share my layouts with others who love doing the same, and there’s community in that; or it can just be for me.  Regardless, it’s a non-intimidating way to be creative on a tiny scale.  A lot of people lack expression in their lives, but they think they’re not creative; the thought of creating a painting or DIY-ing something is scary when you’ve been told you’re not artistic.  But anyone can put stickers on paper.

Every week I sit down and decide on colors or a theme for the coming week’s spread.  I spend the afternoon on Sunday mapping out the next week’s activities (and TV shows), and then I make it pretty.  It helps me feel like a participant in my life instead of just a spectator.  I can track good things I do and bad things I feel, I can stay organized, and I can have fun.

Can’t beat that.



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