Wedding Vows

As I mentioned, I combined my self-wedding vows with the Hindu tradition of the first seven steps a bride and groom take together during the ceremony.  Each step I took brought me closer to the altar, and I read off the vows one by one.

I take this first step with a vow to God, in whatever form or number She may wear to dance with me, to honor and serve Them to the best of my ability wherever Their light may lead.

I take this step with a vow to love and honor myself as I would expect another to love and honor me. I will speak lovingly and with respect to myself as I would to a beloved partner and I will accept my flaws as well as take pride in my achievements.

I take this third step with a vow to treat the holy animal of my body with kindness and compassion, seeking joy and radiant health however that may manifest for me.

I take this fourth step with a vow to open my heart to wonder, to connection, to love; to connect more fully with those who love me and allow myself to be touched while still honoring my boundaries and meeting myself where I am.

I take this step with a vow to surrender my fears and insecurities, my attachment to outcomes, my fear of failure and insignificance; and to lift these cares up to the Holy that I may be ready for the wonderful possibilities that will eclipse even my wildest dreams.

I take this sixth step with a vow to, as much as possible, abstain from the industries of cruelty that would fill my body with suffering and my heart with self-hatred: for I am good enough, I am beautiful, and I am capable of a compassionate life not only toward the world but toward myself.

And I take this seventh step with a vow to choose love as often as I can and to speak the truth, even if my voice shakes.

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6 thoughts on “Wedding Vows

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  2. *snuffle* Beautiful, sweetheart. I can’t say enough how amazing it is that you’ve done this for and with yourself. I’m so proud of you. <3

  3. This was a truly beautiful moment. I’m glad I got to be a part of it. 🙂

    There are some naysayers out there who don’t understand this self-commitment thing…but I look at it like this, if you don’t love yourself enough to commit to taking care of you, honoring you, cherishing the being you are, whom God made, then what would you think of a person who would marry you?

    …and the cupcakes were awesome, as usual. 😀

  4. These are some beautiful vows. Although I think self marriage is something every woman (and man) needs to decide if its right for them and when is the right time. I believe this should be in a book on self marriage. Not as an absolute but just a general guideline of someone who has come before. One day I wish to marry myself. But I’m still puzzling through what I would do/ say and when would be the right time. Thank you for giving me some insight into your beautiful day!

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