Shadow’s Fall Giveaway Winner & New Excerpt!

Okay, I have to admit: I enjoyed reading everyone’s comments on the giveaway so much that I decided to give you guys a surprise:  I’ve chosen two winners instead of just one. 

Each was chosen using‘s random number generator.  The first winner is:

Angel M.

The second:


Angel M. and Rose, please email me at diannesylvan at gmail dot com with an address I can send your book to, as well as the name of the person you’d like it signed to.

Don’t worry if you didn’t win – I’m having one more giveaway this week (most likely starting tomorrow) so you have another chance.

In the meantime, I have one more excerpt from Chapter One to share with you.  This time we finally get to see what our heroine’s been up to…


An Excerpt from Shadow’s Fall, Chapter One


From Rolling Stone:

Since Grammy-winning musician Miranda Grey’s debut single “Bleed” devoured the charts, the singer has been subject to wild speculation about her closely guarded private life. Everything from her husband’s career to the state of her health has been debated and dissected in the media, especially on celebrity gossip blogs like Constellation, which last year went public with a controversial interview with an unidentified former employee claiming that Grey is, in fact, a vampire.

For the most part Grey’s PR team ignores the rumors, and when asked point-blank by a journalist if she’s a vampire, Grey famously said, “Oh, absolutely!” with that wry smile she’s become so known for.

Notorious for avoiding public appearances during the day – and avoiding interviews in general – Grey dodged the sci-fi theories about her mortality for nearly a year before Constellation uncovered another explanation entirely: Miranda Grey is ill.

The website reportedly paid handsomely for a set of test results and scans stolen from Grey’s medical file revealing that her idiosyncratic behavior may not be caused by something out of legend, but something equally strange: Erythropoietic protoporphyria, an extremely rare condition caused by an enzyme deficiency, causes her skin to itch and blister on exposure to sunlight.

When Rolling Stone finally scored a one-on-one interview with the singer in a luxurious room at Austin’s Driskill Hotel, it was first things first:

RS: So, let’s get this out of the way.

MG: (laughing) Okay. Yeah, I’m totally a vampire. In fact in bed my husband and I call each other Louis and Lestat.

RS: Well, we’re sitting here in this hotel room and I can see you in the mirror over there, so I guess that part of the legend is wrong.

MG: These days every aspect of people’s lives is online, so I guess it was only a matter of time before my condition got out in the press.

RS: Why didn’t you just come out with the truth in the beginning?

MG: It is kind of fun to go on the fan sites and see people arguing over whether I’m human, but I’d rather people think I was a vampire than some kind of invalid. I don’t think of myself as a sick person, but people treat me differently when they find out. There was one guy, though, at a magazine I won’t name, who tried to get me to prove I’ve got porphyria by sticking my arm out a window to see if it burned.

RS: What did you say to him?

MG: As I recall, I said, “Go fuck yourself.” That was the end of that interview.

RS: Does your condition cause any other symptoms?

MG: It does. In fact, one of the documents that got circulated was a postsurgical report from when my spleen had to be removed. My red blood cells are defective, and processing them is hard on my organs.

RS: But going out in sunlight won’t kill you?

MG: Technically, no. But it hurts like hell and makes my skin come off in sheets, so I’m basically nocturnal. It was never that much of a problem until the rumors started; how often do musicians do daytime concerts? But imagine going online and seeing ultrasound images of your insides on someone’s blog – it was unsettling.

RS: Did you ever figure out who leaked the test results to Constellation?

MG: Yes. It was someone who worked for my personal physician, and that person has been dealt with.

RS: Speaking of which, you’ve worked with your medical team to establish a research foundation for porphyria – do you think you’ll find a cure?

MG: Right now our focus is on learning more about the condition and helping people live with it. We’ve got a team working on a new form of sunscreen that’s showing a lot of promise.

RS: Do you miss going out in the sunlight?

MG: You know, you would think so, but I really don’t. My life is very full and rewarding and I love every minute of it. If I have to sacrifice having a tan for everything I’ve gotten to experience and achieve, well, redheads look better pale anyway.

RS: You didn’t tour much in support of your first album. Was that a health-related decision as well?

MG: Yes. Travel isn’t fun for me. I did a few dates in New York and L.A., but they were a nightmare.

RS: At the same time, though, you’ve found other ways to reach out to your fans.

MG: I love technology. Those same websites that were telling people I’m a vampire were vital in getting my name out there when I was new on the scene. That’s the interesting thing about fame; the tide can turn for you or against you in an instant. One minute people are falling at your feet, the next minute they’re driving a stake through your heart . . .


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