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Today’s the day!  Shadow’s Fall is now available for purchase pretty much everywhere books are sold!

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5 thoughts on “Now Available: Shadow’s Fall


    First of all, great book! I think the Deven and David situation still needs a resolution. I’m a romantic guy and I don’t think that Miranda had her due after the betrayal that happened in book 2. She gave all her heart to their relationship and David didn’t give the same back, and that just makes me foaming-at-the-mouth mad because it was implied in book 2 that she should just accept that.

    Now that I vented I would like to say that Shadow’s Fall was the best yet in this series. It was interesting to see Cora’s growth and the ending was also incredible. The different points of view were very well written. I still have hopes that Faith was somehow saved by Jeremy.

    I can’t wait for next book!

  2. Wonderful development of these richly drawn characters, great tension building, but then it just stops!!! Wish I hadn’t read it until the next one was out, so how long will we have to wait?

  3. ARRGH! Cliffhangers!!

    I love your writing and I am so happy that this series can’t be over yet!

    David’s geeky glasses, squee!

    Thank you! 🙂

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