Three Things Make a Post!

Thing the First:

Yours truly is featured on Penguin’s SciFi/Fantasy webpage, so check it out (scroll down slightly).

Thing the Second:

You still have one week to register for the newest round of Becoming a Spiritual Nomad!  Registration is $25 for the six-week course.  Click here for more info or to enroll.  The course goes live on April 16 and registration will be closed that morning.

Thing the Third:

I made this. Let’s see how many of mine you agree with – then go make your own.


There’s a lot more fun stuff coming up around here in the next few weeks, so keep a sharp eye!

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6 thoughts on “Three Things Make a Post!

  1. I love this! Although I do not know what the Oxford Comma is I shall look it up and report it to the masses! ^-^

  2. Ew, scotch. Irish whiskey, please. I believe in the power of Irish whiskey to heal all things…or at least obliterate what you’re feeling so you really don’t care anymore. 8^D

  3. Completely, totally, utterly agree. *drinks coffee, snuggles cat, and dreams of lots of pillows*

    I would add that you can tell your deepest, darkest secrets to your dog and s/he will never judge you and that cartoon band-aids make everything better.

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