Up to Here With Teeny Tiny Gods

I have a thing for miniatures.  Not once in 34 years has my body been considered unusually small, but in my mind, tiny things inhabited tiny lands just out of sight of the Big Folk.  If I were to let myself, and was willing to devote the time and money to it, I’d absolutely get into making faery houses and doll houses and scenes for all my goddess figures to inhabit, just for fun.

Thus, since I am absolutely utterly uninspired to work on what I’m supposed to be working on tonight, I thought I’d give a brief tour of my (admittedly small) collection of Weeities.

A quick definition:  A Weeity is a miniature or otherwise very small statue (not a pendant, but something that stands up on its own) depicting a deity, regardless of culture or mythos of origin, who measures no more than 4 inches in height.  I have a 5″ Shiva figure that I don’t really consider a Weeity – he may only be about 5″ tall, but his presence takes up a lot of space, so I leave him be.

Earlier today I mentioned having acquired a Wee Green Tara, which I’ve been casually looking for for years; I knew that the right one would find her way to me if it was time to work with her, and there she was, in the locked case at Book People!  I posted her pic on Facebook (unforunately a very blurry pic) and a few people asked about my collection, so here we are.

Most of these figures are on my altar, but they do tend to migrate from time to time.

From left to right:

1.  A ceramic Goddess I found at the Texas Renaissance Festival.  She feels amazing in my hand.

2.  Devotion, one of the Windstone Editions’ JourneyStones by Maya Hill.

3.  Fertility, same source.

4.  A hand-carved wood goddess I bought from a young woman at a festival who was selling her art to pay for cancer treatment; she told me the story of how she was rafting some huge river in Colorado and found this perfect stick, an aspen branch, which she whittled down into a goddess the rest of the trip.  I love to just sit and hold this one while I meditate.


Here, we have two of my favorite pieces from Bell Pine Art Farm:

On the right, we have Radiant Health, one of BPAF’s newer pieces.

On the left is Open Heart.

Bell Pine makes a lot of lovely sculptures, but one of my favorite things they do is that their “family” series can be ordered with same-sex parents.


Next up we have the Ganesha Funtime Band – a brass Elephant God in the background, plus a set of three smaller Ganeshettes which I place in various nooks and crannies of my altar.

Now for the Boods!

Four of these Buddhas are placed throughout the house, tucked in cabinets where you can barely see them unless you’re looking just right.  I love the thought of all these iddy Buddhas poking out from behind a pile of towels and saying “Pssssst!  Psssst!  Breathe, you are alive!” and then vanishing again.

The other two stay on my altar; one is for travel, the other for laughter.

Then, of course, we have our Venus of Willendorf, this one made of pure clear quartz, a gift from a dear friend.

Last of all we have the Weeity that inspired me to do this, the beautiful Green Tara I’ve been looking for for years.  Not only was she the perfect size and color, with all the detail I wanted, she was insanely reasonably priced, so if you’re looking for a Green Tara about 4″ tall go to Book People (they still had one yesterday).

It’s especially poignant that I found her this weekend, for reasons I’ll be going into this week – that’s right, my posts might include actual substance now that I’m through writing book 4 and am trying to decide what goes to the top of my to-do list.  I’m actually considering another non-fiction book, I just don’t know on what.  I’ll keep you posted.

But here she is:

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5 thoughts on “Up to Here With Teeny Tiny Gods

  1. Ooh, thanks for reminding me that I NEED Bell Pine’s Artemis Dreaming for my altar! Just took care of that little matter.

    Glad you’ll be writing of things more personal here in the coming days. Not a fan of TVD (no judgement, it’s just not a show I happen to watch) so I’m always thrilled when you write of your inner process, or spirit or even non-tv mundane. More Sylvan, please.

  2. Beautiful, all of them! I have a small collection of small goddess pendants dangling in various places throughout my apartment, and would like more…and I’d love to start a collection like this.

  3. They’re lovely! I’m still waiting for the right buddha figure to find me 🙂

    I actually watched a documentary last night called ‘Divine Women’ which basically talks about goddess worship all based on finding tiny female figurines from 7000BCE. I think there’s a power in surrounding yourself with small figurines who can look out for you in a subtle manner 🙂
    Thanks for sharing them ^_^

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