Shadow World Monday: Two New Extras!

Just as a warning, I might not be able to stick to my schedule around here for a couple of weeks – I’m starting a part-time job and having to completely rearrange my routine.  I’ll do my best to keep up but so far having a schedule has been way more challenging than I anticipated.

Today we have not one, but two new Shadow World Extras.  I only really intended to write the second one, “Blackbird;” but after I finished “Strange Fire” I found myself compelled to tell that same story from the other side – David’s side.  I was in the mood to play with point-of-view.  I started writing it just for fun and ended up enjoying it enough to share.

WARNING:  “Only You” is rated at the upper end of R for sexual content.  It’s not that explicit, and in fact is deliberately vague in certain areas, but it’s definitely an adult story.  If you don’t like reading sex scenes, skip it – although it does give further insight into David’s mind, particularly the contrast between how he dealt with emotion back in the 40s and here in the present.   It illustrates just how intense things were between him and Deven, because I think it’s important to understand why it was so easy for that intensity to return and overwhelm all sense of loyalty and reason.  It also provides a bit more background about David and Anna Hausmann, as well as giving a small bit of information at the end that isn’t vital to the storyline of the books but I think is pretty significant character-wise.

That bit of information is further explored in “Blackbird,” which takes place about six months after the end of Shadowflame.  It’s an uncomfortable but necessary conversation between Miranda and David.  Like I said, this was the only one I had planned to write, so it covers some of the same territory, just without the naked parts.

Each story downloads as a .pdf.

Only You



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One thought on “Shadow World Monday: Two New Extras!

  1. Loved both of the extras. When id the next book due out? I need my David and Miranda fix ;). These extras help but I was left on pins and needles at the end of Shadows Fall. Love your writing.

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