Food for thought on a Saturday morn…

I made this last night and wanted to share it. Trying to understand my mind from a new perspective this year has been….differently-fun.

Click on ‘er for full size. And if you feel inclined to Pin or share or use as an iPad wallpaper or whatever you like, have at it.


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3 thoughts on “Food for thought on a Saturday morn…

  1. Ouch, every one of these hit me right in the guts. I have thought and felt every one of those lies, and accepted them to be true. Thank you for this, it is so obvious when I read them and know that YOU have written them, that they are lies. Because you are awesome!!! And yet, I can’t seem to believe that I might be awesome too, or even just ok. I tend not to comment on blogs that much but I have been reading yours for a long time and now I had to come out and tell you that you illustrated this so well. I am training to be a psychologist (I know, the irony) and with your permission I’d like to show this in class?

  2. What she said. Depression is a bullshit. It tells me the same thing, and YOU tell me it’s not true, so, same applies to you, babe. <3 <3 <3

  3. Wow. You weren’t kidding about them being lies. Every one of them makes me so angry I wish I could grab a sword and crawl inside you to slay every one of those evil dragons. The exact opposite is true for all of them. I can’t wait to see you.

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