Of Shadow Born: The Non-Definitive Playlist

Tomorrow’s the big day – and if past years are anything to go by some of you might be able to find the book in stores today.  Release dates aren’t held as firmly by retailers as you might think, unless of course you’re JK Rowling or similar.

In case you don’t follow my Facebook page, I’ve been posting songs from the “official soundtrack” of the book for the past week – either songs that I imagine playing in the background of specific scenes, or mood music that inspired me while I was writing.  Here’s the whole thing as a YouTube playlist; below the video are my notes on where each track would go.

1 – Digital Daggers – “Still Here”  – I imagine this song opening the “movie,” showing us where things left off and how everything stands as of the beginning of the story.  Given how thematically appropriate the lyrics are I think there are several other places it would fit, specifically Miranda’s early scenes.

2 – Fisher – “I Will Love You” – This one is actually in the book, page 58.  It’s one of the most heartbreaking songs I know, and hearing Miranda play it at this moment in the story is even more heartbreaking.

3 – Mimi Page – “Black Valentine” – Mostly mood music, and would fit in several places depending on which part of the song you used.  The beginning would work for any scene with a character hunting, and the faster piano-led part I think feels like a fight scene, or at least some sort of action.

4 – Amy Stroup – “With Wings” – The way this song builds to a sort of dreamy-swaying repetition feels like it would be good to cry to, and therefore plays during Chapter Four, shortly after Miranda returns to the Haven and is wandering around trying not to fall apart at the seams.

5 – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – “Bad Blood” – In Of Shadow Born we meet two significant new characters; the first, Olivia, is a vampire tattoo artist with a very interesting connection to our heroes.  I hear this song playing over the stereo at the tattoo parlor where she works, and then following her on her walk home.

6 – Mimi Page – “Jigsaw” – Another track by Mimi Page, but this one would come during a much happier moment in the story, long about Chapter Eight.

7 – Lana Del Rey – “Radio” – I hear this as the sort of song Stella the Witch would have playing on her iPod when Miranda comes to visit.

8 – Zola Jesus – “Vessel” – I first heard this in the final episode of The Secret Circle, and it struck me as perfect soundtrack music for a scary magical ritual that occurs in Chapter Thirteen.

9 – Lifehouse – “Broken” – It might seem like an odd choice for this particular playlist, but this song was a major inspiration for the first part of Chapter Nineteen, in which a character basically has a nervous breakdown and is rescued by a surprising new friend.

10 – Collide – “White Rabbit” – An excellent cover, and perfect for the Black Door, or any sort of scene involving vampires feeding or doing other dark deeds.

11 – Garbage – “I Hate Love” – Definitely fight scene music! The big climactic battle would need something along these lines.

12 – Tori Amos – “Liquid Diamonds” – It wouldn’t be a Shadow World playlist without Tori.  In Chapter Sixteen there’s a transformative sequence involving a lot of touching, and the hypnotic quality of this song would fit well.

13 – Vienna Teng – “Gravity” – This one doesn’t have a specific scene; I just imagine Miranda playing it at some point.  Her voice isn’t as high as Vienna’s but I think our girl could make it her own.

14 – Florence + the Machine – “No Light No Light” – Basically end credits music.

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