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I’m an absolute fool for nifty little organizational tools, planners, calendars, journals – in olden times (you know, Yore) I would have been the girl in the cave trying to remember how many mammoths we’d been through that month so I could mark it on the wall.

One thing I’ve always thought was cool was the idea of a daily page – not a journal, but a checklist or grid where you can keep track of certain variables in your life.  I used to have a long list of things to check off:  exercise, writing, eating veg, drinking water, calling my mom.  I found that I’m not the only one with this fetish; a lot of bloggers have designed page-a-day systems that you can print out in multiples, hole-punch, and stick in a binder.  Here are some examples, most of which are free:

Pink and grey, sophisticated by Jenny Collier

Purple and green at Desiring Virtue (these are geared toward helping with household chores, so there’s one for each day of the week; Wednesday is Laundry Day and so forth.)

The Daily Page notepad (not free, but an actual physical notepad you can order from her Etsy shop or download digitally)

Design Finch – This page has nine dailies for download, curated from various sites.

Alexia Clare’s Etsy shop has the most adorable version I’ve ever seen, featuring hedgehogs and birds.  It’s not free, but it’s very well designed, and considering you can print as many as you like for that three dollars, it’s not a bad deal at all.

The only problem I found with these is that they aren’t designed very well for people with mental illnesses, even though the idea was a fabulous one.  Often we need to keep track of our symptoms, whether or not we’ve taken our meds, and other factors that the average domestic engineer might not deal with.

That in mind, I made one.  It’s not fancy, but it has check-offs and blanks for a lot of things I think people with brain whimsy might like.  At the very top I put a mood tracker; it also tracks if you’ve had your 5-a-Day veggies, water, caffeine, et cetera; movement; meds; and whether you’ve done anything creative that day.

The grid is scooted over to the right a smidge so it’ll work better in a binder.  You could, I suppose, flip it around and print two per page to use less paper, if you’ve got good eyes and are so inclined.

I’m posting it both in pdf format and as an Excel file; that way you can either print it as-is or, if you have things you’d like to change (say you have different symptoms than the basic three I included) you can.  It’s absolutely free for personal use; the only reason the copyright’s on there is so nobody tries to sell them.  You are absolutely at liberty to do whatever you like with it.  I just thought it was a good idea and that other people might get some use out of it – or it might spark a similar idea in your own head that fits your life even better.  Enjoy!

All-in-One Page PDF

All-in-One Page XLS

(Let me know if the Excel file doesn’t work.  I wasn’t 100% sure it would.)

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2 thoughts on “Free (Hopefully Useful) Download

  1. Thanks for these. I have seen others like this, mainly on organization blogs, but none that fit for me. And I have never considered making one myself. ^-^ So thank you for making this & providing a way to customize it as needed!

  2. This is great! I’ve had chronic headaches for years, and never found a fun way to keep track of them. I might change this around a bit to replace the mood section with head pain, because the rest is perfect. Thank you! I’m excited to give this a try, and hopefully finally find more of my headache triggers.

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