Free Printable Menu Planner, aka Screw Menu Planning

While making pages for my DIY planner, I created this one weekly “What’s For Dinner?” sheet thinking that I’d learn how to plan out meals and grocery shop like an adult.

Nope.  I remain an eternal teenager, and not in that sexy vampire kind-of-pedophilia-but-he’s-hot-so-it’s-okay way.  More in a “I had a bowl of Lucky Charms for dinner every night this week” kind of way.  One thing I’m working on is the old adage “know thyself,” and while I might be able to plan in advance the general sort of thing I want to eat, I know me enough to know that if I do that, I’ll end up with a fridge full of rotten vegetables because every night I look at the menu and say “…no.”

I ended up chucking the sheet altogether, but I thought, surely someone out there can use this thing – it’s pretty!  There are people more organized than this writer, or who want to give it a try – planning menus in advance can save a lot of money if you’re the sort of person who can stick to it.  So I sized it up to full page and made some different colors happen, and lo, a free thing for anyone who wants or needs such a thing:

What’s for Dinner? pdf in ten lovely colors, some bright and some dark.  You can also click on the image below.

There are a lot of similar things out there, so this isn’t really a very original design – give it to whomever you want, do with it what you will, no strings attached. Unless what you will is illegal or at least skeevy.


The printable is 8.5″x11″, but you could tell your printer to print it in “booklet” form and conceivably get two on a page.  Whatever gets your motor running.  It only has dinner on it because by and large people have the same things for breakfast and lunch over and over – or lunch is leftovers from dinner the night before.  If you wanted to plan the weekend too (which tends not to work very well for most people, but your mileage may vary) you could write it in the Notes section at the bottom.

Have fun, and I’ll be back shortly with actual written content.  I just find making things like this really enjoyable, and my literary creativity of late has been nonexistent, so it’s nice to have something to share.  You can look forward to more of this sort of thing, but not just planner stuff – I have a good one in the works that’s more of a self-examination worksheet type dealybobber*.


* – dealybobber – Southern for “thingamajig”


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