And Now for Something Completely Different: Sylvan Points at Stuff

While I’m mining my personal history for yet more delightful material, let’s have something a bit more fun.  I haven’t pointed at stuff in a while.

Let’s start with a song.

Next, have you ever made a recipe from a book and thought it was pretty good except for a couple of minor things, and you don’t want to forget your tweaks but you have a strange aversion to writing in your books much like my own? Worry not. There’s a sticky note for that.

Girl of All Work has so many fun fancy sticky notes it makes me salivate.  The page flags alone are like crack to me. But then, I clearly have a problem.

Taking a different track, though still involving paper because that’s pretty much all I’ve got going these days:

As I’ve said, I haven’t experienced any sort of conversion lately but I’ve come to appreciate a much broader definition of “sacred” and what I’m willing to learn. One of my favorite art journalers is a devout Christian, and recently she acquired this new kind of Bible that has a huge margin for making notes in. She and other artists have taken the opportunity to turn their Bibles into modern illuminated manuscripts reflecting their interpretations and connection to the words, and they’re gorgeous. Valerie (said journaler) has a whole pinboard on the subject, but hers is still my favorite work:

I mean holy crap!  Er…holy wow.

I’ve been making stuff lately too, though perhaps not as inspired as Valerie’s journaling:

I have another set of quote/inspiration stickers up on my Etsy shop – they were designed with the EC Life Planner in mind, but hey, they’re rectangles. You can stick ‘em wherever they fit. I really like how these turned out; again, it’s all my own work, not art swiped from other artists.

I’m hoping to have some new shrines soon as well.  I’ve got a Kwan Yin going that will knock your socks off.

Speaking of sock-knocking, while we’re on Etsy, I love love love this watercolor print that features one of my favorite quotes – not only does it match my bedroom, it’s properly attributed. If you see someone say that Galileo said this, they’re WRONG.

I’ve seen so many lovely pieces of typographical and calligraphic art with a quote misattributed – worse yet is when people are selling those items (the only thing worse is massive spelling or grammar errors in something you’re trying to sell people – my peeves, let me show you them). Anyway, I downloaded this piece and printed it out, and it looks amazing.

Five things is good for now, right?  I’ll point some more another time.  I’ve got some musings to write down from my very first ever solo writing retreat, aka “Sylvan Loves Hotels and Is Easily Distracted but it’s Awesome Anyway.”

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