Pimp My Planner, 1st Saffiano Edition

I’d like to introduce you to my new Filo, Hermione.

front cover

Front cover.  As you can see it has not yet been nommed on by a pissy little cat.

divider 1 dash closed

The first divider, “Now,” with my old dashboard that was once an Erin Condren cover.  I had to get kind of creative with the hole punch to get it in there.

The dividers you’ll see were all made from Webster’s Pages Dream in Color line.  I used stamps to make the labels stand out more.

Hermione’s contents are constantly shifting as I think of better ways and new ideas to make the best use of her.

divider 1 front

Inside the dashboard is where I keep the sticky notes I’m currently using.  I could stare at the pattern on that divider for hours.

15-21 june

Last week’s spread.  I got a new sheet of stickers (the flowerdy ones) that I just had to use.

22-28 june

Then there’s this week’s, which I decided to give a writing/reading theme.  This is early in the week before I’d filled anything out.  I’ll do a quick ingredient roundup at the very end of the post.


Books I’ve read this year:  I snagged cover photos off amazon and printed them as stickers, so when I finish a book I can just stick it here.  I try to mark the date finished and how much I liked it when there’s room.

book stix

All the unused book covers are kept in this wee envelope.

order page

Another of my new inserts is an Etsy sales tracker.  I find it much easier to manage the whole thing if I can look at it on paper.


Near the latter part of the binder I have my writing and art section for planning projects and filling out my editorial calendar, such as it is.  On the other side of the quote is where I’m keeping track of movies I’ve seen this year (So far just one, and that makes me crazy).  The bookmark makes it easy to find my writing notes.  I like to do a mix of vertical and horizontal book markers so they don’t all end up hiding behind each other, as they kind of do here:


The three main divisions are “now,” Soon,” and “lists.”  “Soon” is mostly obscured, so  I might have to reconsider what’s around it.

The dividers are Webster’s Pages, as I said, and they were cut on my Silhouette Cameo machine using an SVG file from Cocoa Daisy.  I also have laminated inspirational artwork throughout the planner (I’ll show you guys those another time).

Now that I have a planner that delights me, and the ability to make and print and cut basically whatever I want for her, I’m considering the all important question of “What do I really want this to do for me?”  I just don’t have enough of a social life to warrant some bigass calendar, so, I can use it other ways:  as a diary,  as a habit tracker, as a tool to help me manage my bipolar and maybe even manage two good days in a row.

I know a lot of women use their planners for Bible Study and prayer requests from others, or to help organize food drives and other charitable work.

I’m starting to get why people have like five planners – aside from the fact that there’s always a nifty new one out there, it’s hard for one binder to be all things at once.  If I had, say, children or a larger business, I might consider making a planner for family stuff and one for the store.  At the moment however I’m just little old me, so it’s not so much a matter of not having room as it is deciding what I want to use the room for.

Don’t forget my first planner printables are available over on my Etsy shop!

Let’s have a wee giveaway, shall we?

All you have to do is comment on this post telling me what you would (or already do) use a planner for, and I’ll pick a couple of you guys at random to get a download of the Self-Care Planner absolutely free!  Print it out as many times as you want, just don’t sell it.  Deadline is Wednesday July 1.

Stuff used in the above pages and where to find it:

Webster’s Pages Dream in Color 12×12 paper pad
Erin Condren Life Planner interchangeable cover, Butterfly Wings in turquoise
Cocoa Daisy Free Dividers & Bookmark (Cutting file for Silhouette; also comes in pdf you can just cut out with scissors or what-have-you.)
Sticky notes from Target’s Up&Up brand, Girl of All Work, and Post-it Brand.
June 15-21 Spread:
Artsyville washi tape (sadly, no longer made).
“Urgent” banner by The Reset Girl
Quotes and Sayings 1″ circles (downloaded and printed by me) from Sparrowgraphic on Etsy
Sticko’s Bright Flourishes stickers
June 22-28 Spread:
Yano Design Bookshelf washi tape
15mm Brown Script washi tape
Teresa Collins Designs He Said, She Said sticky notes (typewriter)
Shadow’s Fall cover art sticker made by myself, of course
Narrow single-color washis from Happy Zakka Life
Book Cover envelope:
Label by Websters Pages (Nest collection)
Paper by Bo Bunny, Forever Young collection
“Every Step Towards Something Beautiful” quote printed from Ann Voskamp’s website A Holy Experience.

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7 thoughts on “Pimp My Planner, 1st Saffiano Edition

  1. It’s due to your influence and posts that I ordered the Erin Condren Planner. I use that for basically everything. I also have the Llewellyn Witches Datebook and I use that for astrological tracking.

    The rabbit hole that is Etsy helped me find a slew of stickers, mostly yours, to decorate my ECLP. Now it’s cute and functional, how could I resist that combo?

  2. I have an 18 month bound planner – I’m starting to think it might be a mistake as it’s already bulging in its very first month. I did have a spiral planner but that got hammered so much all the pages fell out. I stuff all manner of things in there, personal appointments, client bookings, snippets of thoughts, signposts to other notebooks, business cards, expenses, interesting things that make me.think and want to journal about. It’s pretty plain looking at the moment but I expect it will get doodled and crafted on before long.

  3. I currently have 2 disbound planners, one personal and 1 for work, both in the junior size (half-letter or A5). Fairly new to the planner world though (in fact had you asked me as recently as last year I would have said I had no use for a planner and didn’t like them–blasphemy, I know). I am still trying to figure out how to use my personal planner though. I have just been using weekly sheets as of this month. It has become a hybrid of a planner and a “sentence a day” journal so far. next step is to figure out a way to track food allergy exposure and see if the symptoms I suspect are related truly are a result of that and not jsut a coincidence. Love your planner posts. I find myself checking every week just to see if a new one is up.

  4. I tend to flit between planner-styles.
    Up until this year, I’d found a spiralbound long thin (slim? it’s half an A5 page) diary with little tabs and colour coded dots (drawn in pen) allowed me to essentially tick off a yes/no system. E.g. a green dot meant I’d had fruit/veg that day.
    But since not buying a new diary in January, I’ve been using a laminated sheet with little boxes and an erasable marker. In the beginnning, I’d then transfer the ticks into an excel spreadsheet but it’s all kind of fallen out of habit, so I’m looking for a new system 🙂 I miss having an actual record.

  5. I actually have several planners. I use one for health-related information like goals for a healthier lifestyle and progress tracking. Then I have my planner for the daily grind. I track writing-related goals and tasks as well as other things for work at my day job and events for my outside of work life. And finally I just started a blog planner to try and revive my otherwise stale blog over at wordpress.

  6. I don’t actually have a planner at the moment, though I am always on the lookout for one…I have scraps of paper and a couple of different notebooks that I scribble, jot notes/thoughts etc on and my diary which I feel bad about not using enough :/…

  7. I am currently in an Erin Condren. When I am not squashed by depression, I use it to track meds, water, to do lists, books read, ideas, appointment of course, and most importantly for me, care schedules and notes for all the cats here at our sanctuary. I try to doodle in it using zentangle patterns, and occasionally write quotes that resonate with me. When I am squashed by depression, I use it to feel guilty for not using it. 🙁

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