Another Graphical Gift

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ETA:  The link is fixed.  Apparently both WordPress AND Dropbox were being dicks today.

Since I haven’t had much written stuff to share with you this week (it’s been a no good very bad week), I wanted to give you this, just a pretty something you might like.

You’re free to pin it, download it, whatever you want, just don’t make money off it.

In Shadowstorm this song appears twice, sung by different people by “coincidence.” Whatever the source, it does a poor broken heart good, brings back long-forgotten memories, and veeeeeeery slowly starts a process that might just lead to a happy ending for two of our characters.


We’ll see.

Dammit let’s try this again.

(WordPress is being a butt, so if you don’t see an image here, click on the link and you’ll go to the Dropbox page where you can take a gander and download it if you please.)

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  1. Just FYI…
    I clicked on the link and got a message saying it had been moved or deleted 🙁

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