Pimp My Planner: Rawr! Doodles Edition


I’m trying to be more detailed in my notes on my planner pages.  Basically the way my system works is:

  1. Major events and forecast items like appointments/birthdays are written into the monthly calendar.
  2. To Do lists go on the left side of the weekly.
  3. The day-by-day boxes on the right are for jotting down what happened that day – what work I got done, anything interesting I did, time spent at coffee shops writing, et cetera.

I have been taking out each week’s two-pager the next week.  The current monthly page and the weekly are together, and the whole rest of the year on monthlies is in its own divider.  I move the current back to the rest each month and swap them round.  But I think taking out every week is making it hard to keep track of the flow of one week to the next; I’ve been losing some time lately and I want to at least have a general idea of went on during my bad days.

All the used pages go together into a folder.  I probably won’t keep them past the year, but I can use the information on them to start next year’s calendars, and I can take the whole year’s mood tracking data and do a full graph of the year.

Hence, my weekly spreads, where the fun washis and stickers and such get to shine.  This week’s theme:  summer garden (watched from safely inside an air-conditioned home)!

2015-07-12 12.21.03

You might have gathered that I went to see Jurassic World last week.

Couple of supply notes:

The butterflies, dragonflies, and flowers strewn about are all from the same maker, which I’m pretty sure is…Sticko? I think so.

The blue “blow your own damn mind” banner over on the right is not a sticker – it’s an addition to the page itself, as are the little blue flourishes in the daily boxes, and the pattern inside the notes box.  I felt like doing something different, et voila.

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