Book Lover’s Freebie

I made these for myself earlier this week and thought, “Hey, other people might like them.”

They’re bookmarks with space for notes – you can keep track of when you started a book, where you got it, what you enjoy about it, and how you’d rate it.  I know I often forget if I’ve finished a book or even opened it before, especially if I didn’t get very far the first time.  I wanted a spot where I could indicate how I felt about a book as I was going along, or anything about it that jumped out at me, like a great scene or quote.  I haven’t decided whether I want to paste them into a journal-type thing, or leave them in the books as a reference for next time.

Either way, I thought some folks might find them useful, so, click on the image to download a pdf of a bunch of them that you can print on paper or cardstock and cut out:


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