New Shadow World Extra: Little-Known Facts, Part 1

This came from a wild Ambien-induced hair, and I thought it was utterly silly and fun and I loved it, so why not let you guys see it?  There will probably be several more, including some for a couple of characters who aren’t as much in the spotlight right now, like Jacob and maybe Cora (don’t worry, they’re going to be more involved in the story soon, but right now I have to deal with a certain Pair who are nothing but purple-eyed trouble).

Once again: if you become a Patron of my work, you can see these extras, and read chapters of Book Six, before the rest of the world.  Right now my Patreon peeps are on Chapter 11 of SHADOWSTORM – I still don’t even have a release date for the full book.

Without further ado:  Little-Known Facts About David Solomon.

little known ds

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One thought on “New Shadow World Extra: Little-Known Facts, Part 1

  1. So, after checking weekly for the last several months for book #6, I perused your web site more closely and saw you were thinking of David Solomon. I’m delighted to see there is indeed a book 6 in the works and look forward to plucking my Amazon card down as soon as Pre-Order is available. Having lived and bummed around Austin, I love that I can relate so closely to your series’ backdrop. I’ve recommended this series to a number of friends over the years and look forward to the next installment.

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