Shadow World Extra: SHADOWSTORM playlist, v1.0

Whoops – I actually made this a while ago, but forgot I had it all prettied up for you guys.  It’s just for fun – since the book is only half done it’s a bit presumptuous to have a soundtrack for it, but I’m choosing to think of it as Disc 1 of 2.  *laugh*

You can play the list as many times as you want, but due to the site’s deals with record labels they can’t publish the playlist.  I, however, can, so I made a back to the album cover.  After your first listen-through they’ll switch the order on you (another security measure) but still, it’s good mood music whatever order it’s in.

Shadowstorm v1.0 from diannesylvan on 8tracks Radio.

shadowstorm playlist back

Most of these tracks are just inspirational, as I said, but a few have specific places in the story that I associate with them:

Track 1 – As you might expect I think of Deven when I hear this song, particularly in the first chapter when we watch him having a torrid affair with a whole shitload of heroin.

Track 2 – This one is a David/Nico song – I hear it in my head thinking of the two of them finally getting down to business.

Track 3 – Sounds like the sort of music you’d hear in a bar, or at least part of it does, such as when Dev is at Anodyne having flashbacks and a happy chat with the bartender.

Track 6 – This is a very specific song choice; it’s what’s playing in the “movie” version of the story when a very good thing finally happens.  It hasn’t happened yet, but I bet you’ll know it when you see it, and in fact you can probably guess just based on the song itself.

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