The All Singing, All Dancing, Magic Words 2016 (and e-course)!

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Greetings here at the very front edge of December.  As promised, you can now download Magic Words 2016 here on Dropbox.

Also as promised, if you want to work more with your Word of the Year but aren’t sure how to integrate it into your life, I invite you to join my new e-course, Magic Words Monthly.  For $18, you will receive a monthly packet (most likely on the 15th so you’ll have it by the beginning of the coming month) containing this sort of thing:

  • Worksheets on goal setting and planning using your Word
  • Meditations and Divination using your Word
  • Printable artwork and affirmations
  • Profiles of people who embody particular Words
  • My own experiences working with my Word for 2016 (whatever it is)
  • Recommended reading and resources for each month
  • And as a BONUS, at some point during the six months, if you’ll send me your Word, I’ll do a small personal lettering/illustration of it (a 4×6″ print) for you to place on a meditation altar, clip into your planner, put in a small frame, glue onto your vision board- whatever you want!  I can’t give you a firm deadline for getting those to you, but it *will* be by the time the course ends in June.

What I’m digging about offering this course is that it plays to my strengths and loves.  I love words, I love creating printables and worksheets, and I love telling stories.  I love creating meditations and journal prompts.  I love everything I’m planning to do in the Magic Words course!  I hope you’ll join me and see how much fun something as simple as a Word of the Year can be.

The course lasts for six months and there will likely be an “exit packet” of resources to keep you going for the rest of the year. I had thought about making it a full year, but that’s an awfully big commitment both for you and for me.  I’m considering making a Facebook group for the students to hang around and talk, though if anyone taking the course would like to take that on, I’d be thrilled.  People management is *not* my strength.

Use the button below to purchase the course, and you’ll be directed to a signup page to join the mailing list.  The deadline for registration is December 31.

 Magic Words Monthly, 2016  –  $18.00

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