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Time for a semi-periodic roundup of links I thought were cool!  I always want to share nifty stuff with people, but given Facebook (and apparently Twitter now) is determined to keep people who follow me from actually seeing what I post, I figure that’s what m’blog is for.

Et voilà!

How to Use Pinterest to Meditate.  The title sounded so odd I had to look (score one for the author’s marketing acumen), but it’s a neat concept – everyone has a Pinterest board of inspiring quotes or pretty scenery, but what if you made one specifically to use as a meditative trigger?  BRB, gotta pin.

France has banned supermarket food waste.  One of the big obstacles in battling global hunger is distribution; it’s one thing to have a football field full of food to give away, but if you can’t get it to people who need it, it will rot.  There is plenty of food grown on this planet (or there would be if we weren’t feeding so much of it to animals to kill later), but there also has to be cooperation between producers, distributors, and charities.  Often supermarkets want to donate, but can’t spare the manpower, transportation, and time without screwing up their entire supply chain.  But France is making markets work with food banks to come up with a larger-scale system, and it will likely provide a model for future efforts in other countries.  Notice that the article says “no such law is being considered in the US” even though supposedly we’ve pledged to reduce waste by half.  Color me shocked as shit.  Go France!

This Hobbit House is adorable and beautifully made, but what really got me about it is that the door is made from a giant cable spool.  Anyone remember the spool, aka your first coffee table in your first college apartment?

5 Ways to Teach Body Love to Children and Teens in the Real World by Jes Baker, one of my favorite people.

The newest thing in nondairy ice cream: Avocado-based.  As someone who hates avocados, the very idea makes me queasy, but they’re such a big deal right now I guess it was only a matter of time.  Avocados have been used in nondairy desserts like cream pies for years. I say BLECH, you might  say YUM!  I wonder if they have a guacamole flavor.  *shudder*

By the same token, I am SO EXCITED for the new vegan Ben & Jerry’s flavors.  The Coffee Caramel Fudge sounds amazing.  Those are three of my favorite things on Earth in one pint!  I can’t wait for them to get here to Austin.

One day I brought home some french fries and sat down on my bed to check my email while nibbling at them.  I looked up and saw this:


(That’s another dog in the hallway, and the other two cats are behind me.  Clockwise from the white dog:  Daisy, Stella, Rory, behind him Shelly, and Rabi.  Owen and Gypsy bring up my rear.)

Every time I finish writing a book I think, “Wow, I’m gonna take a break from that storyline for a little bit.”  Then this happens.  Yes, gentle reader, Book 7 is underway – in fact this image is a couple of weeks old.  Chapter 1 is almost done.  In fact, if you’re one of my wonderful contributors on Patreon, you’ll get to read it as soon as I have it ready.


Lastly, happy birthday to the lovely and immensely talented Tom Hiddleston, who turns a whopping 35 years old today.  He and Hugh Laurie will star in the BBC’s adaptation of John LeCarre’s The Night Manager very soon, but in the meantime, let’s have Tom read us Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18:

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