Planner Friday – A Week in my Plum Paper Planner

planner friday

I’d like to say there’s some kind of sophisticated magic to how I make my planner pages pretty, but really, it’s a lot like how my grandmother cooked – she just sort of threw stuff in a pot and SHAZAM! culinary magic.

I guess what sets my “method” apart is that I usually make my own stickers – not every week, as I have a bunch of premade things from both my own and other people’s shops in case I’m not feeling inspired or don’t feel like going to the trouble.  When you make your own stix your options are basically a) cut them out with scissors or b) crank up the machine, which can be aggravating if the light sensor isn’t behaving (anyone with a Silhouette can testify to this).

So, I took pictures this week of my process, but they’re not terribly exciting.  *laugh*  Still, I do tend to do the same thing every week, and if you’re new to all this silliness and don’t know where to start, it might help.  Most of the wild and crazy, gorgeous, or terrifying planner pages out there start from a set of steps the person uses every week.  For example:

If I print and cut my own stickers, I start out with something like this:


Note that I’m not at home while I’m doing this, and I ended up forgetting some of the most important stickers (my sidebar and TV shows), so you won’t see them until the end.  There are pretty obvious spaces where they should go.

The little book on the right is a wallet album where I keep itty bitty stickers I use every week.  I made it out of the credit card insert from a man’s wallet; I’m actually working on a couple for my shop.  They’re pretty cool – I tried carrying around a 4×6″ album but I just really didn’t need it, since there were only four or five stickers I might need day to day.


The first thing:  Basic structure.  I use the same headers every week.  I don’t tend to have a lot of events, but do have a lot of writing and other projects underway, so I needed more space for those.  The Top 3 is for those events and important to-dos, and any others go directly underneath it.

I’m finding I don’t actually use the water trackers at all, so I think I’m going to stop making them for now.  Sure, I need to drink more water, but on the list of things I need to worry about right now, it’s pretty near the bottom.

I’m kind of a font slut, so getting to make new headers every week indulges my addiction.



Like I said, I forgot my TV stix, so I just penciled in what went where until I could get home – it turned out okay anyway because I needed to make new sets for Agent Carter and others.

Most of the decorative boxes you see came from Vectoria Designs on Etsy, specifically the Writing Images domino-sized printables.  Their printables are of amazing quality and aren’t the usual sunshine-and-bunny-farts colors (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but sometimes I don’t want to be brightly colored and Kawaii).

I use washi of some kind to divide the weekend from the rest of the week, and the sidebar from Monday.  I tend to mash together Saturday and Sunday and make one big “day” out of them.  I actually printed “washi” this time since I didn’t have what I wanted – I used text from my own book, just because I could.



Finally, this is how they ended up looking once all the TV and sidebars and such were added.  This is about midweek so it’s not all filled out yet.

You can see the wee stickers from my wallet album up at the top of Monday; in case you’re wondering, the flying saucer with the heart is my symbol for “the Mothership,” meaning I talked to my mom on the phone.


That’s it!  By the end of the week it’ll be a total mess, with doodles and scratch-outs and ink blots galore, although this week might end up being a little more sparse than usual since I’ve been on a depressive slide and have gone entire days without writing down anything.  I’ll go back and jot down anything that happened on those days just so I can look back if I need to.

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  1. I’ve now added to my Etsy want list. Your blog is bad for my planner habits. But I do love some of the ideas I get, so maybe it’s ok. Keep up the good work.

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