Planner Friday: At Last I See the Light

planner friday

No, I’m not throwing in the planner-fever towel because of some existential realization; I’m referring to one of my favorite Disney Movies, Tangled.  I actually love it way more than I did Frozen, which makes me the worst middle aged white lady ever, but there you have it.

(Though I did love Frozen.  A lot.  Tangled just occupies a place it doesn’t; I couldn’t really articulate why.  The whole chapter with the lanterns, from the King & Queen comforting each other about their long lost daughter to the actual “I See the Light” sequence itself, gives me goosebumps even now.)

I’ve been slowly assembling a Tangled planner theme for weeks, and I finally got it together.  It’s mostly stickers I made myself from movie stills or quotes, but the watercolor of Rapunzel’s tower on the left page came from Pink Paperplane’s shop on Etsy.

I apologize for the wonky shadows in these photos – I was in a weird spot at Starbucks where there was some direct sunlight and some indirect and it all got kind of weird.

Oh, and I realized I’d been forgetting to include resources and links to stuff I use – most of them repeat, but I do use things other people make.  I’ve also been asked to list the fonts I use when I make headers and such – you’re in luck! I love fonts! Best of all 95% of the ones I use are totally free.

rapunzel theme 1

I really like how all the little lanterns turned out – I took the image and made three sizes, printed out a half dozen or so of each, and tried to space them like they might be floating.  Technically I guess I should have made plain ones too, since the only one in the movie with the sun on it was the one Rapunzel’s parents released (which she catches momentarily during the song).  Oh well.

rapunzel theme 2

I had a devil of a time with the Weekend banner – for some reason those things are always SO FRUSTRATING.

rapunzel theme 3

Tools and Supplies:

Sticker sheets from
Stix cut out with Silhouette Cameo
Stickers designed in Pixelmator
Font used for headers:  Dumbledor (free)
Skinny washi tape from Michael’s

(Psst…for next week I’m working on a theme based on Neko Atsume.  I have a sickness.)

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