February Doodle Challenge

Hi all –

Big things afoot this week, of course, but in addition to that whole book thing there’s a month coming to an end. Didn’t it just start?  

This month I happened upon a Planner Doodle Challenge set forth by YesPleasePlanning on Instagram.  I’d been feeling like my monthly calendar pages were being dreadfully underutilized, and after a few days of playing along with the challenge I realized I didn’t want to use them as a calendar at all, but a tiny doodle journal.

I had so much fun!  Usually every month I tear out the last month’s pages to help make carrying around my big-ass coiled planner less of a Herculean effort, but I decided to start leaving in those doodled pages so I can go back to them for a smile whenever I like.

I used the prompts most days, but some I skipped either because I wasn’t inspired or because there was something else that needed to go in that space.

So here are some pics, first the whole month at a glance and then close-ups along with what the prompts were for those days.  I tried to write in the prompt in the square somewhere, but some are hard to see.

I’m really looking forward to March’s challenge.  Even if I don’t decide to keep going with her ideas, I’m so going to keep using the calendar for tiny bits of art – they’re so small they don’t have the intimidation factor of “real” art and the little square space presents a unique challenge.  I’ve always loved tiny things.

mo2p february wide 1

Month as a whole.  I couldn’t decide what to do with the empty spaces for the first week of March, so I just left them blank this time around.  The very bottom row was another week of blanks, but I had already covered them with washi at the beginning of the month.

There’s also a column of lines off to the far left, which right now I’m using as my blog and Patreon post planner/tracker; that was the only thing I was doing with the monthly calendar, and it wasn’t really working anyway, so trying something fun and creative seemed a good alternative.

mo2p feb left 1

So, on this side we have,

1 – (skipped) – free
2 – shadow
7 – bowl
8 – monkey (He’s a fire monkey.)
9 – beads
14 – love
15 – envelope (I was going to draw a Howler, but it just wouldn’t come out right.)
16 – bouquet (You only need so many coffee mugs made from the skulls of your enemies.)
21 – vine
22 – (skipped) balloon
23 – (skipped) planner   (My dad’s birthday.)
28 – movie
29 – leap

I love how because I started the drawing too far up in the square the “leap” woman looks more like she’s swinging from the ceiling of her box.

mo2p feb right 1

3 – sign
4 – hero
5 – XOXO
6 – date night (Yes, that’s Mr. Shaky, best date a girl could ask for.)
10 – candy heart
11 – lovebirds
12 – right
13 – music
17 – kisses (It’s supposed to be a Kiss of Death, but I couldn’t get the foil to look anything like foil – have you ever noticed that things that fold, whether paper or fabric, are the hardest things to draw?  Grrrrr.)
18 – jewelry (My wedding ring.)
19 – teddy bear
20 – tickets (In case you can’t read it, it’s a Karma Violation ticket, and the options are: Parked like a dick, left seat up, smacking gum, Donald Trump.)
24 – (skipped) heals
25 – aroma
26 – clip
27 – flourish

I thought it was funny how, without meaning to, I had a three-time theme of extended fingers – the Fire Monkey, BB-8, and Grumpy Bear…though different fingers for different reasons.

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