Planner Friday – Drawing (on) a Blank

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So, this week I saw someone on Instagram who’d declared it a “sticker free week” and just wrote and doodled everything.  I didn’t feel much like screwing with the Cameo and couldn’t think of a color scheme or anything to inspire me with my already-made stickers, so I thought, great idea!  No stickers at all this week!

Next thing I knew I was bleeding.  I was doing something ill-advised with a pair of precision scissors while I was pondering the planner, and somehow managed to stab myself.  So, I had to revise my plan a little, and used some blank scraps of sticker paper to cover up the areas I’d intended to draw on just to cover up the blood.

I never did quite finish all the doodling I figured I’d do, but still, the week turned out prettily.  Sometimes a little extra white space is a refreshing change.

vine right

I ended up using a few non-decorative stickers – I didn’t feel like drawing out all those TV logos.  But I did draw the cupcakes!  There were a lot of birthdays this week.

vine left

I had planned to do a pretty quote of some kind on the sidebar, so I kept the mood tracker to just a few circles, but it’s still a big empty space.  Still, the week’s not over yet. If I manage to do anything else with it I’ll post pics on Instagram.

Incidentally I post images of planner stuff throughout the week on Instagram, but also of the shrines I’m working on – there are some awesome pieces happening over here at Tiny Relics.  I give out coupon codes and stuff as well, not to mention the usual cat pictures and strange selfies in bad lighting, so if you’re into that sort of thing c’mon over and follow me on Instagram.

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