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I’ve been sick as at least one kind of dog, possibly two, so I haven’t had the wherewithal to do much on the planner front besides stick things to other things.

I did however really like how this week turned out – it’s an example of how planning like this can be emotionally beneficial.  It’s easy to forget you have any sort of long-term goals when your short-term life kind of looks like the same brick wall you’ve bashed your face into a hundred times already.  But this week’s theme was a nice reminder that there is someplace I want to be, and by damn, someday I’ll get there, even if my planning acumen has yet to extend to something that big and dramatic.

full trees

The “daily expenses” stickers are kind of an experiment, but I don’t think they’ll last.  As much as I need to keep better tabs on my money I don’t think that’s the right.

Several of the images are photos I took on my trip to the West Coast several years ago.  I also drew the little Ostara bunny sticker (techincally Ostara was on the 20th this year but I’m doing well to remember what month things are in, so I usually stick with the generic 21st for solstices and equinoxes).

left trees

2016-03-19 17

Washi tape is by Recollections @ Michaels (I believe it was the Modern Boho collection) – I sliced it in 1/4ths to make the long strips.

Font is Woodgod.

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