Planner Friday: End of June Edition

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Another month, another bunch of planner pages!

may 30 - june 5

froud theme8

Of course you’ve seen these first two, but time got away from me for most of the rest of the month, so, have a gander:

june 13-19

The week of the 13th I wasn’t in the mood to make up a sticker theme, so I used washi tape and scraps of blank sticker paper (I have a LOT of that, and I can’t stand to just throw it away, so I end up using it for address labels and such) and just made something pretty and kind of generically green.

june 20-26

The 20-26 was all about spices!  I’d been reading a book on the history of curry, and spending time working on my recipe collection, and I kept seeing all this gorgeous spice porn that begged to liven up my planner.

You’ll notice I did some scribbling on my weekly self-care sidebar; I realized I wasn’t happy with it, so, the next week I tried something totally different based on the Custom Must-Dos sticker I sell in my Etsy shop:

june 27-july3

I was attempting to use some brighter colors to try and make some sort of peace with the fact that Summer is here.  (I went on about how much I detest Summer over on Facebook, so I won’t belabor the rant.)  I’m actually quite fond of orange – it’s yellow I don’t like – so it wasn’t that hard to find a variety of images, and a nice bright green seemed to work well as a team player.

I kind of like the new, more colorful sidebar; I might keep using it for a while.  Much as I love my little doodles it gets tiring looking at the same thing week after week.

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