Planner Friday: Music!

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I was totally at a loss for what kind of theme to do this week, and in fact I didn’t even get this one made until Monday, when it occurred to me I wasn’t done with Favorites Month.

This week, then, we have some of my favorite musical artists, both of-the-moment and perennially.

I included two playlists, because that’s how I roll:  One is part of my “right now” playlist on iTunes, and the other is a list of my favorite songs by all the artists featured in the spread.

I really love how this one came out – it’s kind of sticker-heavy, but luckily my handwriting is so tiny I never use up all the available space anyway.  I love how the Dymo-label-esque font makes the whole thing look like the inside of a teenager’s locker.  It reminds me of my early teens when the walls of my bedroom were papered with “pinups” from all those magazines like Teen Beat – remember those?  I spent long hours in my room surrounded by New Kids on the Block (don’t judge me!), Christian Slater, and of course scenes from my then-favorite movie, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

I’m not sure where the music washi came from, but tapes like it are pretty easy to find.  The font, Impact Label, was free on  Click for a larger view.

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