Planner Friday: Land of the Peach Trees

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This week on Planner Friday, we have a foray into the dangerous world of the dangerously beautiful.  I give you, my Peach Tree Theme:

august 15-21

What’s a Peach Tree, you ask?  It’s someone whom I can describe by saying, “I’d climb that boy like my Aunt Mary’s peach tree.”

Ah, but just being pretty isn’t enough – the entertainment world is full of pretty boys who don’t do a thing for me.  In the above cases I’m either hot for the guy and his talent, or his personality as a human being apart from his work, OR I’m hot for a character he plays, not so much the guy himself.  (In fact that’s the case with most of these fellas, as you’ll note.)  Here’s the roster, starting at Monday:

Adam Levine from Maroon 5 (Love his voice, and oh lord those tattoos)
Benedict Cumberbatch (Love pretty much everything he does, especially when he TALKS, but I went with one of my favorite roles of his – I do love an evil genius.  I plan to drool all over my popcorn when Doctor Strange comes out around my birthday.)
Idris Elba (Again, love all his work, and that presence is just amazing – I would slap my grandma to see him as Bond***)
Tom Hiddleston (I have the general hots for him, but I haven’t been into all of his roles; here we see him as Adam from Only Lovers Left Alive, easily one of my favorites.  If you haven’t seen this movie YOU MUST OMG, he plays a vampire musician married to Tilda Swinton and it’s glorious.)
Ian Somerhalder (Obviously I adored him as Damon on The Vampire Diaries, but Ian himself is such a big-hearted world-saving idealist, bless him, I want to make him cupcakes and help him rescue animals.  You know, naked.)

Then we have the CW contingent:
Joseph Morgan (Klaus from The Originals)
Daniel Gillies (Elijah from The Originals)
Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen from Arrow)
Charles Michael Davis (Marcel from The Originals)
All four of these guys are here because I love their characters.  They’re also charming bastards in real life, and Stephen in particular is such a hoot on Twitter and Facebook – plus, he’s so disgustingly cute with his daughter Mavi.  Jerk.

And while we’re on the subject of characters, we also have

Chris Evans (Steve Rogers in the MCU – I don’t really go for Chris just in general, but I love how he plays Cap.  His performance made me love the character even though I had zero interest in Captain America going in.  Plus…biceps.)
David Giuntoli (Nick from Grimm – the more badass and tortured the character gets the more he sets my lady garden a-tremblin’.  Go figure)

And because I wasn’t paying attention we have an extra Tom Hiddleston, napping.  Really though you can never have too much Tom Hiddleston napping.

*** – Okay, here’s the thing – I don’t like James Bond. I think he’s a throwback to a shitty kind of masculinity and totally boring as a result.  I did enjoy Daniel Craig’s portrayal in the first of his movies because it was far more nuanced than anyone had played him before, but everything after that was just “meh.”  When people talk about the idea of Hiddleston playing Bond, I just shake my head – I don’t want him to.  At all.  Sure, he’d be suave and badass, but he’d also be another white guy playing James Bond.  I’d rather him keep taking weird and interesting roles like Crimson Peak and Only Lovers than strap himself to an outdated franchise.  But if Idris Elba were to take the part, THAT would be cool – he’d be something new, shake up the crusty crackerfest strain-on-credulity that is 007, and could bring all sorts of interesting stuff that might just make the movies fun.  That’s just my opinion.


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  1. I completely and utterly adore the phrase “peach tree” as used here.

    Wonder if my taller half would object to being called a peach tree……….

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