Don’t You Hate it When…

It’s barely even Lammas and the stores are already full of Mabon stuff?


Anyway…the Autumnal Equinox, aka Mabon, has always been one of my favorite Pagan holidays; it marks the beginning of my favorite time of year, since by September 21 you can almost always taste Fall in the air even if the temps are still high.

It marks a moment when night and day are of equal length, but tipping into night’s favor; as with all the Sabbats it’s a liminal time, not entirely of Summer and not entirely of Fall.  Liminal spaces and times are my favorites, even though I don’t particularly enjoy uncertainty.  I just like the feeling of the Wheel turning beneath my feet, reminding me that nothing lasts forever, even cold November rain.

*pause for groan*


Since this is a particularly transitional period of my own life, I’ve decided to give everyone a gift in celebration – the Mabon planner sticker theme I have over in my shop can now be downloaded for free at the link below!  You still have time to order a printed version if you like, but in the interest of planning ahead (which is kind of the point), I wanted to put this little guy up for you at least a week in advance.   Just download the pdf, print it out (be sure to print at Actual Size), and cut it up; you can print it on regular paper and use a glue stick or tape, or you can print it onto a sheet of sticker paper if that’s how you roll.

All I ask is that you use it for personal purposes and not for dollars.  Other than that, pre-happy Mabon, and enjoy.

Mabon Planner Sticker Theme (pdf)

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