Planner Friday: Ugh, January

Well, that whole “2017 is bound to be better than 2016!” is working out great so far.

I’ve been having a really, really hard time brain-wise lately, so all those delightful plans (and when I say plans I mean “that stuff I was excited about for like a week before depression set back in”) are on hold, and that also means my planner life has been kind of shit too.  I’ve put forth some effort in the prettiness department but when it comes to actually writing in the blanks I’ve kind of fallen down on the job.  

It happens.  Even a brand new planner with all the possibility of a brand new year can be shat upon by mental illness, the world going to hell, life just getting too hectic to do more than throw up your hands and just go with it, or a combination of all three.  Here’s January in review, regardless – submitted without commentary because, dear reader, I am weary and want to go watch my newly beloved TV show (Lucifer) and have a long Winter’s vodka.



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2 thoughts on “Planner Friday: Ugh, January

  1. Only while owning super hero undies do you have a chance to combat FuckJanuari dear Sylvan. Haven’t found those yet either. Ugh. It Will get better. And yes, Lucifer rules 😉 Thanks for the tip!

  2. Hey, Sylvan I don’t know if you remember me or not. I took a class from you in 2003-2004 just before I moved to Albuquerque. There was another teacher in the private class whose name I have lost. The facebook nazi’s shut down my account that had her information. It was my only account but they accused me of having multiple accounts…..well whatever. I enjoy all of your writing. Your gift is evident each time I go back to read your work. I was hoping you can remind me of her name. I can’t find my copy of “philosophy of wicca” anymore or I could research it myself. Either that or if you are still in contact with her could you give her my name and facebook info. aodinsfrior is the name on facebook. I would appreciate it.

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