Planner Friday (and a freebie!): Rain, Rain, Come and Stay…

Sunday night here in Austin we had a wonderful, rather gnarly storm that I enjoyed quite thoroughly (with a big long sleep) but actually spawned some funnel clouds and nastiness.  That afternoon, anticipating the fine weather to come, I decided to do a planner theme around the best of all weather: rain.

The font is called Doris Day.

As you can see I altered my meal planning sticker business, and I like it much better – breakfast and lunch really don’t require as much variety as dinner, and therefore not nearly as much mental effort.  

However, I thought some of you might like to play with the breakfast/lunch/dinner sticker I made last time as my first stab at my new meal planning system, so here’s a downloadable pdf of a whole sheet of them in various colors.  Enjoy!

Happy weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Planner Friday (and a freebie!): Rain, Rain, Come and Stay…

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