Planner Friday: It’s Spring, Y’all

I make no secret of the fact that I was born and raised in Texas.  I also make no secret of my loathing for my home state.

Let’s face it, this is an embarrassing place to live if you’re a liberal.  Just this month we heard that opposing trans folks’ right to pee like human beings is the same as fighting at the Alamo and that doctors should be able to outright lie to women in our longstanding “No Fetus Left Behind” program. 

But hey, we’ve got barbecue.

Of course I’m a vegan so giant hunks of charred animal flesh don’t really endear the state to me.  

But it’s not all idiot politicians and severed animal heads hanging on people’s walls, which brings me to one of the things I do genuinely enjoy here:  Spring wildflowers.

For a few weeks before the weather becomes scorching, our hillsides are blanketed from end to end under a stunning quilt of bluebonnets, Indian paintbrushes, firewheels, and many others.  The landscape becomes soft and plush, and everywhere you drive you see people hauling their children and dogs to the side of the road to get the obligatory shot of a cherub-cheeked tot being swallowed by flowers.

I decided to celebrate this briefest and loveliest of seasons in my planner this week.

The only way to really do the wildflowers justice is to show them covering the land, so I made big long stickers for the bottoms of each page.  Above that, on Tuesday you see the iconic state flower, the bluebonnet; and on Wednesday one of my favorites, the firewheel (I think it’s also called an Indian blanket).

On Thursday we have the Indian paintbrush, which almost always shares the hillsides with bluebonnets, producing an intense red and blue carpet.  

And how could I not include the quintessential Texas image, a longhorn cow surrounded by bluebonnets?  The only thing more Texas would be if the cow was dead, cut into pieces, and slathered in sauce on a paper plate, eaten by a big white dude in a ten-gallon hat with a Trump 2016 lapel pin, his feet propped up on an immigrant’s back and his free hand signing a bill to force women to have vaginal ultrasounds.  

Okay, like I said.  I don’t like it here.  But we’ve got awesome flowers.  Yee-haw.


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One thought on “Planner Friday: It’s Spring, Y’all

  1. Pretty, pretty flowers. Sorry about the assholes.

    It’s still winter here, but at least we can see the ground now. And it’s no fun being a liberal here anymore either, if only because I feel compelled to apologize to everyone I meet for her

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