Planner Friday: Dangerous Creatures

This week’s inspiration:  Women reading books, inspired by my second viewing of the live-action (and utterly gorgeous) Beauty and the Beast.  

I started with Belle, of course, then branched out into my next favorite book maven, Lizzie Bennett.  Just searching for “Women Reading” yielded up dozens of lovely classical paintings and more modern work as well, so I was spoiled for choice.

It only seemed fitting to use a font called Jane Austen for this theme.

You’ll notice the new tracking sticker at the bottom of each day; I’ve been noticing a slight alteration in the pattern of my moods lately and I needed data to get a better handle on what effect my most recent meds change has had, so I created the sticker to make note of mood changes between my workday and everything that’s not the workday.  (It’s a scale of 0-5, and I make a little mark on whatever level I feel that symptom was at)

I also used this book washi, which I’ve had forever, though there are a number of similar designs all over the internet.

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