Planner Friday: End of April Round-Up

Where the hell did April go?  

I just realized that aside from two Planner Friday posts I haven’t blogged AT ALL this month.  What. The. Hell?  I mean I’m not the most prolific of bloggers anyway, but it really does seem like April ran right out from under me and left me on my ass in the wildflowers.

Yeesh.  Anyway, let’s look back at this month, and here’s hoping next month I’ll be more writerly.  

One thing you may notice is the addition of the “Moodbox” to the bottom of each day – I’m attempting to get a better handle on my most pressing bipolar symptoms, and I felt like a single number wasn’t getting me the data I needed every day.  I started off with a meter-style box but switched to a fill-in-the-blank to take up less space, and I’ve got a spreadsheet going to plug in all the numbers and hopefully get a better sense of my current mood cycles.  See? Planners are good for your mental health!  

I also got rid of the meal planning sticker on the sidebar after the first week – I may bring it back, but right now I’m not finding it useful.  I’ve been doing some sketchy meal planning in a separate notebook and it’s been adequate.  Until I come up with a more cohesive method for the whole thing I’d rather have the space in my sidebar for a longer, generalized to-do list where I can “export” list items to different days of the week as I have time to do them.  

April 3-9 – Moody Blue Theme

(More about this theme on that week’s blog post.  You might have noticed that the dates on this week are all wrong – I had intended to glue these two pages together since April started at the end of the week, but I forgot and just started with the first weekly spread in the month’s section.  Oops.)

Font:Beautify Script (free)

April 10-16 – Dangerous Creatures Theme

(More about this theme on that week’s blog post.)

Font: Jane Austen (free)

April 17-23 – Food Porn Theme

I didn’t do a post on this week, but it’s pretty self-explanatory.  I had the cooking washi tape forever and never used it, and with all the gorgeous food porn on Pinterest and Instagram it seemed like a match made in om-nom-nom heaven.  All the images are, as you might imagine, of vegan recipes.

I plan to do a blog post on my favorite food blogs and Instagrams soon, so you’ll see sources on these gorgeous foodstuffs as well as my experiences with their sources.

Font: Virginia Sky (free)

April 21-30 – Pink and Grey Theme

I went outside my comfort zone for this week’s color theme – I’m normally really not into pink, especially light pink or anything approaching “blush and bashful.”  I kept seeing all these vintage photos and planner sticker themes out there with a sort of pale rose color, and decided to see how I liked it paired with a soft grey.  Turns out I liked it a lot, at least for a week!  I find I like a lot of colors and combinations in my planner that I’d never wear or decorate with – my wardrobe is almost all dark colors and earth tones, and my bedroom is varying shades of blue and grey and green to mimic the Pacific Northwest as much as I can,  but in my planner I’ll try all sorts of stuff.  After all, if I don’t like it, I only have to look at it for a few days.

Font: Velvetberries 

Got any suggestions for themes I should try?  Leave ’em in comments.  I can’t promise I’ll do them, but I love new ideas!  Coming up with something every week can be kind of taxing, which is how I started doing color themes two or three times a month.  

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