Planner Friday: Just Say Om

I’ve been gradually gearing up to start a mild, possibly sporadic at first, and low-key yoga practice, which I’ll write about in more detail later (specifically about the resources I’ve found for fat girls who want to get their yoga on).  

You might have inferred from weeks of looking at my sidebar that I already have a mild, sporadic, and low-key meditation practice, which is quite true.  I play around with different techniques and approaches, born out of a love affair with Sally Kempton’s book Meditation for the Love of It and her audiobooks on the subject – seriously if you want to start meditating for any reason I highly recommend her recording Beginning Meditation: Enjoying Your Own Deepest Experience which you can get on Amazon, iTunes, and other ear-filling places.

Thus, I decided to start May off by both invoking and commemorating my hopefully-long-term and hopefully-meaningful practice.  And even though I don’t really celebrate Beltane these days (it was never my favorite anyway) I wanted to mark the date with a lovely image that I think is from one of the endless wedding boards on Pinterest.

A Momentary Aside:

People ask me frequently if I sell my weekly themes in my shop, and no, I don’t – they’re usually made up of other people’s artwork, and while I shamelessly gank it from Pinterest to use once in in a 1.5″ sticker, I won’t sell it. A lot of the planner stickers you see on Etsy feature stolen artwork – I’ve even seen people say they have the copyright to the images they’re so obviously stealing from other Etsy sellers when I know that’s a flat out lie.  I use graphics, fonts, and backgrounds I’ve paid for or otherwise legitimately downloaded but everything in my shop was made by me.  

I’d much rather the artists profit from this tiny bit of exposure, so I’m going to try and list more sources when possible.  I’ve always planned on doing it but time gets away from me and I dash off my Friday posts without thinking much past “god I’m a terrible photographer.”  This being the internet sometimes I won’t be able to find them all, but I’ll do my best.  I hope it will lead at least some of you to check them out.

If you see an image here that I haven’t credited and you know the artist please let me know.  Sources will be listed after the pics.  

Also, the yogis in some of the photos are newfound loves of mine, which again I’ll discuss in more depth on my eventual yoga post, but for now you should at least know who these amazing women are!

The font is my longtime favorite, Petras Script.

Artists and Sources:


Jessamyn Stanley, author of Every Body Yoga – check out her awesome instructional videos all over YouTube.


Dana Falsetti – She’s amazing too!


Blessing by Fukari on DeviantArt – Sadly not available in a print.


La Paloma by Holly Sierra – Creatrix of the Chrysalis Tarot – does anyone have this deck?  I’ve been lusting after it for months even though traditional Tarot doesn’t usually do it for me.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to order this card for my altar at the very least.  


Namaste by Claudia Tremblay – oooooooh so gorgeous.


Body of Flowers by Meganne Forbes – Amazing devotional watercolors.  

Crown Chakra by Charlotte Thomson – I LOVE her chakra yogini series!  Lots of curvy ladies and so much joy, especially in my other favorite of the series, the Solar Plexus chakra.  I’m trying to decide between the full set of postcards or just prints of my favorites.  

Happy weekend to all!

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