Planner Friday – Doe! A Deer! A Planner Deer!

This week we feature one of my favorite animals, deer (and their relatives).  I’ve always adored the white-tails who inhabit my part of the world, and knowing that I came from people who killed them pretty much just for fun** broke my heart long after I finished reading Bambi.

That’s right, reading – did you know Bambi started out as a novel by Felix Salten?  I need to keep my eye out for a copy of the edition I checked out from the library a hundred times as a kid.  It’s ostensibly a children’s book, but it’s pretty damn dark, sort of a lighter version of something like Watership Down (another favorite book of my childhood, go figure). There’s no Thumper, no Flower, but there is a lot of death and a less romanticized version of Bambi and Faline’s relationship (meaning they basically only had one until mating season was over).  

Anyway, leaving for work at 6:30 in the morning means I often get to see deer up around my workplace which is on a huge wooded lot.  They still make my breath catch when they run, and their little spotty babies with the big knobby knees still make me squee.  I’ve long considered deer a sacred animal (not that they’re not all sacred, but this one has a particular mystical significance for me, both as a creature of the forest and as the symbolic animal of my once-upon-a-dance god).

Art resources I could find are below the images.

Font:  Woodgod (free)


Unknown by Olena Shmahalo   – Thank God for or I’d never have figured out the artist of this lovely piece!  I still have no idea what its name is, as it isn’t in her gallery.


Fermata by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law.  Prints available.


Glade by Bluecrow10. No prints of this one, but you can download it.


** Don’t bother defending hunting in comments, I won’t answer – vegan, remember?

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