Planner…Monday, whoops.

It took me until Tuesday of last week to even get my planner in order – it was that kind of messed up week.  But I did manage to pretty it up eventually.

This week I went with a single artist, the ever-popular John William Waterhouse.  I’m guessing if you’re a girl-type person of a mystical bent you probably had at least one Waterhouse hanging in your dorm room.  

Waterhouse is usually associated with the Pre-Raphaelites but in fact he painted a number of years later, inspired both by the PreRaphaelite brotherhood and by Greco-Roman, Arthurian, and Shakespearean mythology.  

I love his use of colors, and the sense of movement in many of his paintings, particularly that born of the wind.  I chose some of my favorite Waterhouse paintings for this theme.

The font is called Radaern, and is available for free.

You might notice my error – I accidentally duplicated the weekend Mood Box sticker instead of the weekday one.  Oh well.  I knew what it meant.

You might also notice how little I wrote on this week’s planner even though by the time I remembered to take pictures the week was nearly over.  Some weeks I write all over the pages and some weeks I barely have a to-do list.  Life has a way of doing that.  I don’t always have the time, energy, or fucks available to be thorough in my planning; but there’s plenty of room for whatever I need, even if I just need something pretty to look at now and then.

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