Planner Roundup – May Through Mid-June

May 1-7 – Just Say Om Theme

For more info on this week’s theme check out the original post – it has links to the artwork, the font, and more about why I created the theme.

Random note:  I usually get pics of my planner on Mondays, at work, where the lighting is terrible but before I’ve had a chance to scribble all over the week.  Some of these were taken later in the week after I’d already started actual planning and listing and so forth.  I’m kind of tired of having such shitty pics for you, though, so I’m going to try and start getting better shots in better light.  

May 8-14 – Deer Theme

Original post.

May 15-21 –  Waterhouse Theme

Original post.

May 22-28 – Peacock Watercolor Theme

Original post.

And now we move into June, which I haven’t already posted, so a bit more detail about those.

May 29-June 4 – Fluorite Color Scheme

There wasn’t really much to this one – I just wanted to do a week with my favorite color scheme, the colors of rainbow fluorite.  I also managed to forget to write down the font name, so, I have no idea what to point you toward if you like it.  Sorry!

June 5 – June 11 –  Sunflowers Theme 

If you know me at all you probably know I hate summer.  Loathe it.  I’m sure people who live in areas where the sun doesn’t try to murder them half the year think I’m a madwoman, but after years of prescription-induced photosensitivity, I’ve gotten to where being out in the heat and especially direct glaring sunlight like we have here literally makes me sick.  

Summer in Texas is endless, brutal, and awful.  And since I don’t like the beach, don’t like swimming or water-related funtimes, and am too vegan to really enjoy 90% of barbecues, most summertime activities are kind of wasted on me.  I want Autumn, Winter, and even Spring – Texas does boast a lovely, if brief, Spring.  But I hate every minute between Memorial Day and pretty much Mabon – it doesn’t even really start cooling off until the end of September if we’re lucky and sometimes not even till Halloween.  So you probably won’t see lots of brightly colored beach-themed and camping-related themes from me from now until Fall – if anything the opposite as I try to distract myself from the season.

However, there are a couple of things that early summer in particular offers around here that I do like:  Sunflowers and storms.  Oh, summer storms!  Violent and wild and electric!  I adore them.  And even though yellow isn’t remotely my color, something about the brazen happiness of sunflowers always makes me smile.  There are stalwart stands of them all along my commute, and they cheer me up amid the relentless heat.  Thus, I wanted to capture them in my planner to remind me that not everything about Summer is awful…although ask me again in late July and I’ll probably say even sunflowers can jolly well fuck off.

Font:  Serenity  (free download)

June 12 – 18 – Wonder Woman Theme

Shockingly (not), I loved Wonder Woman, and I absolutely had to do a theme for the movie.  I had to be sure and include Robin Wright’s magnificent Antiope – can we have her in all action movies from now on?  

Font:  Lilith (all caps)  (free download)

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