Check it Out, a Planner Friday! Favorite Themes of 2017

A bit late, true, but it took a bit of time to get all of the pics I’d taken of my planner last year and somewhat-organize them.  

I made SO MANY STICKERS last year!  I absolutely loved some of my themes – especially, it seems, the color-palette ones, which account for a large percentage of my favorites.  By the end of the year, however, I’d gotten pretty burnt out on sticker-making; I had been doing it almost every week for two years, after all.  I decided 2018 was time to try something different, which I’ll talk about in a later post; but it’s entirely likely I’ll end up back to my old habits in a few months, as those lovely colorful spreads are tough to beat.

It’s really interesting to me, going back through all my spreads for the year, seeing the evolution of what I tried, what worked, what didn’t, and what came back.  I tried out meal planning for a couple of months and various forms of mood tracking, but eventually what stayed was a sidebar tracker for daily habits and the “this week” sticker above it for items that needed doing but weren’t dependent on a particular day.  Also in September my work week shifted from the typical M-F to Sunday-Thurs, so I had to adjust how I looked at the week.

At any rate, here are my ten favorite weekly spreads of 2017, in chronological order, I think.   I’m putting a “read more” here in case all the images clog up your reader or browser.

February 6-12 – Lavender and Sage

February 20-26 – Pluviophilia

February 27-March 5 – Moana

March 27-April 7 – Turquoise and White

April 24-30 – Pink and Grey

June 5-11 – Sunflower Season

June 12-18 – Wonder Woman

July 3-9 – Writer of Wrongs

September 11-17 – Soft Autumn

November 13-19 – Birthday (and Book Release) Week!

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