Smallish Bloggery, Day 7: How I Like My Pasta

I do not like spaghetti.  Lady and the Tramp can have it!  Too much work and mess just to get it in your mouth. 

What I do love are smaller shapes, especially farfalle and penne, as well as itty bitty orzo (looks like big flat rice).  

When it comes to sauces, pesto is definitely my favorite.  To me marinara and other tomato-based things belong on bread. I love a good pesto, though, which is a bit hard to find premade out in the world when you eat veganly, but there are about a million recipes that either replace the Parmesan or leave it out entirely.

If I’m cooking at home (HAHAHA) and want pasta, nine times out of ten, I don’t even bother with sauce per se; I throw in a spoonful of Earth Balance (that’s vegan butter for the uninitiated), a ton of garlic salt (I am a salt fiend; most people would probably use garlic powder), and if I have it, some faux Parmesan.  Again there are a million recipes for vegan Parmesan out there, but I actually really like the one by Go Veggie as well as Parma; they’re meant to approximate the dried stuff in packets more than the freshly grated fancy schmancy real thing.  Parma even has added B12 and a bit of Omega-3s.  

A bowlful of garlic butter (or olive oil) pasta is one of the world’s best comfort foods just as-is, but if I’m feeling frisky I’ll sauté some mushrooms (Oh, man, sautéed mushrooms are one of the Earth’s finest noms!) to throw in.  

A favorite combo of mine is to dice zucchini, bell pepper, and yellow squash and cook it up with garlic and olive oil in a pan, then add in cooked orzo, faux Parm, and lots of freshly-ground black pepper.  This reheats really well, which is good, because I am utter rubbish at judging how much pasta to cook, so I almost always end up with a ton.

Great, now I’m hungry. Thanks, blogging!

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