Smallish Bloggery, Day 11: Three favorite scents


I get home after an evening spent at a coffee house wrestling with my angel, and when I go into my laptop bag to get something, a wave of espresso-aroma hits me.  Sometimes I stick my head in the bag and just breathe it in.


Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s Blood Amber is like being kissed in the dark by a vampire who also brought you warm cookies.


Lavender – real lavender scent – is hard to find in mainstream bath and beauty products.  Fakey lab-made lavenders in air fresheners are just so awful and smell like the person who made them had never actually been within ten yards of a lavender plant.  But the real thing, like the jar of buds in my armoire or, once in a while, a good lotion or body wash, is a mood lifted like no other, and leaves my brain feeling clearer.  I don’t really like it in food, because to me it makes everything taste like soap the way rose petals in food make everything taste like Grandma, but I love to smell lavender just about anywhere else.

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