Smallish Bloggery, Day 12: Describe a great day (real or imagined)

I can imagine a lot of great days I haven’t actually experienced, most of which are pretty farfetched, but if I think about just an ordinary sort of day that leaves me feeling “ahhhhh,” I can come up with something I can say I’ve lived (at least in pieces).

On a great day I’d wake up probably around 9-10am after a good 8 hours of unbroken sleep (yeah okay we’re already in fantasy territory, but just go with it).  Not super early, but not so late that I’ve blown most of the day before I’m even dressed.

I’d start the day with a yoga practice and some meditation.  In this version of reality I’d be energetic and feel well in my body, so moving around wouldn’t be painful or exhausting.

I’d have a brunch date. Someplace like Bouldin Creek Cafe, which has awesome vegan brunch options, or maybe someplace I haven’t been like The Beer Plant (which has weekend brunch that looks utterly divine). I can see myself meeting my Darling Laurie for that.  

This day happens in Autumn or Spring, so outdoors would actually be tolerable for me.  After brunch I’d go someplace natural and beautiful for a little while; since a large part of today would be dedicated to writing, I might go to a coffee place with a nice outdoor area.  If I wasn’t feeling particularly outdoorsy I could go to the huge-ass Central location of the Austin Public Library for an hour or two.  (It was rebuilt and reopened last year and is by all accounts magnificent but I still haven’t been there.)

Later in the day I’d meet one or more fellow creatives for coffee, and we’d have a writerdate; I get to do that once a week with my dear friend Nan already, but I’ve also gotten to have group dates like it, and that would be fun to do sometimes as well.  I’m not looking for critiques or “writer’s groups” that pass their work around and dissect it; I just want to hang out with other creative people who are all doing their thing, sometimes talking about it, sometimes just chatting.  

Afterward I’d head for dinner, probably with friends again, at the very least to meet up with my roomie; depending on how late it was we might go to a movie at Alamo Drafthouse, one of my favorite BFFdates.  

Eventually I’d end up home, where I’d take my time winding down with a good book and a tasty beverage, then go to bed and have another night of restorative sleep.

This was an interesting prompt, actually. My “great” day involves a lot more social interaction than I would have expected – let’s not forget this is one type of “great” day, and most likely after one this busy I’d need one full of alone time and naps.  I also notice a distinct lack of cooking for myself, which isn’t entirely surprising.  The best day is one where I don’t have to fret over feeding myself.  

Beyond the actual activities involved, there’s the feeling underneath it – one of freedom, being able to work in the environments I prefer and with the people whose company feels supportive but not invasive. A feeling of rightness, of being with the right people in the right places and doing the right thing (writing, although my imagination doesn’t specify what exactly I’m writing).  Interestingly there’s no sense of where I’m at, career wise; I could come up with all sorts of “In my great day I’m a mad-famous bestselling author” scenarios, but this particular one is focused on the day to day of living it rather than that faraway idea of success that has made the last few years kind of insufferable on the career front.

Hmm.  I think there’s more to unpack here.  



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