Smallish Bloggery, Day 14 – A weird thing I do when I’m alone…

I have a lot of oddball solo behaviors, some of which I would never ever divulge in mixed company (or any company), but the one that I think is probably the most entertaining is my habit of narrating.

I frequently walk around speaking aloud to myself, but not necessarily to myself.  If you catch me wandering round the house muttering, I might be:

1 – Narrating what I’m doing as if I am hosting a TV show; this is usually done while cooking or making something, and often involves funny accents.  I’m not sure why the accents other than it’s way more fun to describe what you’re cooking in a terrible English or outrageously exaggerated Southern accent.  When I’m cooking alone I turn into a Food Network host – or, at times, I become Ted Allen on Chopped as well as a contestant.  

2 – Acting out a bit of dialogue that I can’t get right in a book.  Yes, I playpretend as my own characters, and yes, I do voices.  I tell myself it’s part of my writing process, and it is, but let’s be real here, it’s also fun.

3 – Giving myself a pep talk.  You can spot this one pretty easily by the nicknames I give myself; when I’m trying to encourage myself I use terms of endearment like “love,” “babygirl,” and “sugarbeet.”  

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