Smallish Bloggery, Day 16: 3 Celebrity Crushes

1. Lin-Manuel Miranda

What can I say (except you’re welcome)?  Aside from the fact that the man is a bona fide creative powerhouse and a genius – he’s already racked up Tonys, 3 Grammys, an Emmy, a freaking Pulitzer, a MacArthur Genius Award, an Oscar nomination for starters and he’s only 38 (seriously there’s an entire Wikipedia page just of his awards and nominations) – Lin-Manuel is one of the most relentlessly (but not obnoxiously) hopeful people on the internet, and his Twitter feed is one of the things that make Twitter worthwhile.  (I put him in the same “this is why the internet is not a lost cause” category as Thoughts of Dog.)  

He’s also inspired my activism in new directions since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, and now I’m paying attention to causes I never did before, specifically the immigrant crisis (and of course PR’s recovery after the disgusting and unforgivable inaction of the US government toward its own citizens).  He never comes off bitter *or* naively optimistic, just determined, smart, and with a true belief in the strength and goodness of people.  

He’s been responsible for two of my favorite musical things in the world, Moana and Hamilton, so just for that much I’d adore him forever.  But he also just seems like a good person, one trying his damnedest to make things better.  I’ve been saying for over a year that by the time all the shitty men are driven out of Hollywood it’ll be Lin-Manuel Miranda, Patrick Stewart, and Chris Evans left, and that will be just fine.

Of course, my crush on Mr. M is not the stuff of trembling lady gardens – it’s an emotional and creative one.  He’s got a mind I’d love to orbit around and bask in.  But when we’re talking theoretical sexytimes, well, I gotta go with

2 – Tom Hiddleston


Oh, wait, I was writing.  Okay.

He’s currently sporting a bit more facial hair than I tend to like on guys, but I love this picture because it showcases one of my favorite Hiddlefeatures:  He has such extraordinarily kind eyes.  Lately to me they seem kind of sad in pictures; I suppose it could be because of the presumed end of his most popular role, or it could be because not too long ago he got Kleenexed by a particular female pop star not known for being particularly good to men.  I imagine the former is more relevant at the moment after all the recent Infinity War press and media hype, especially if it turns out this really was his last turn in the MCU.

I would personally be happy to offer whatever solace is required for any and all hurts, real or imagined, good sir.

But apart from the pretty, Tom is a gifted actor (he actually makes Coriolanus a sympathetic character and makes me root for Henry V even though the entire story of that play infuriates me) and, at least on the surface, a genuinely good guy.  Obviously you never know with celebrities; I’m sure 80% of what we see is a mask whether good or bad.  It’s all acting even if it’s not (honestly that applies to most people whether famous or not; how much do you really know about what’s going on beneath the surface with anyone?), but like Lin-Manuel, Tom gives off a very sweet vibe.  They both make me think of puppies in the most positive way you can imagine; it’s just that Tom makes me think of other stuff too.  Ahem.

3 – Danai Gurira

The women of Black Panther were the best thing about it, in my opinion, and considering I loved almost everything about it that’s high praise.  But Danai Gurira’s Okoye was just…magnificent.  And the woman herself, well, holy smokes.  She’s an award-winning playwright with a Master’s Degree, a Broadway actress, and started an organization to teach the arts in Zimbabwe (where her parents are from and where the family returned when Danai was five, though she herself was born here in the US in 1978).  She speaks four languages.  You can see the intelligence and wit in her smile if you’re not bowled over by its radiance.

Yeah, I’m being flowery, but Danai is one of those women who is so regal and gorgeous looking at her is like staring at some celestial phenomenon that will only happen once in your lifetime.  There’s actually a woman at my day job who reminds me very strongly of her, and I find her utterly mesmerizing; I feel like she should walk everywhere barefoot on a carpet of rose petals.  I can only imagine what a complete and utter doofus I would be if I actually ran into Danai somewhere and had to speak to her.  Based on my interactions with the aforementioned coworker, I would bring great shame upon the house of Sylvan.  

Incoherent drooling will do that.


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