Smallish Bloggery, Day 17: My Patronus

Sing it with me now:  Ma-ma-ma-MYYYYY PATRONUS!


If I had to face down a cadre of Dementors, and waved my wand with a (hopefully) commanding “EXPECTO PATRONUM!” what animal form would jump out and defend me? 

I think when I took the Patronus test on Pottermore I got a Rottweiler or something, but as wonderful as Rotties are, I think I’d be more likely to show up with a bear or possibly an elephant – someone big and protective and able to stomp bad guys with a single big ass foot.  

Or, if we’re going on animals I love and who mean a lot to me, I’d have a pig Patronus – aside from being cute as hell, pigs are very smart, loving, and sort of my mascot animal already as a vegan practitioner.  I have an “adoptive” pig at Farm Sanctuary I support each month, and she reminds me that even when I feel like I’m not making a difference, I’m at least making a difference to one amazing animal, Miss Junip Sydney.

I love that thought, in fact.  An animal people dismiss as dirty and dumb who historically has been exploited and killed but who is in fact a joyful, smart, caring creature, running down the embodiment of depression and despair, making the world a little kinder in the process.  That’s the kind of Patronus I’d love to have.

But I’d take a Rottweiler too.

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