Smallish Bloggery, Day 28: In my bag

I really have tried to keep up with the prompts this month – I know I’m doing kind of a shit job of it, but as I mentioned it’s been hard to get all the pieces of a blog post together without reliable internet service at home (and I can’t do much at my day job).  We’re almost at the end, though, just four more prompts!  That’s crazy!

Anyway, here are the contents of my bag, unedited for your enjoyment. 

Let’s just go from left to right, shall we?  

We have a pack of Zebra Mildliners, two U by Kotex maxi pads, two (count ’em, two) Scribbles that Matter A5 dot grid notebooks (the purple one is my bullet journal, the teal is a long-term lists and collections journal), a composition notebook I recovered to use for just general notes.  In the middle is a card holder with various non-ID cards like my library and AAA cards, a tiny Santoro Gorjuss notebook just in case I need something else to write on, some pseudoephedrine (the real thing, not that fakey shit that doesn’t work worth a damn), cough drops, and some AA batteries from IKEA which are going to work with me to power the string of tiny lights around my desk.  Oh, and a few coins, I think about $.76.  On the right we have my art box (detail below), about $12 I didn’t know I had, an altered tiny Altoids tin full of Advil liquid gels, and a little adapter thingie I don’t need anymore for my earbuds.  In the back you can see my actual bag, which is this one from Amazon and sports this adorable pin of Angelica from Hamilton.

Much more complicated are the contents of my art box.  I got the box itself from Target last year in their school supplies – if I see any this year I’m going to buy another, because they’re so useful.  

I don’t know where all of these items came from, but I’ll do my best.  Left to right on front:

  1. a binder clip, a dog-shaped paperclip, and a paperclip shaped like an @ all of which I liberated from work
  2. sharp-as hell scissors in a handy sheath
  3. a half-sized X-acto knife, which came in a package of tiny tools I got on clearance at Michaels forever ago
  4. A Kuretake Zig 2-Way glue pen
  5. Two sizes of click eraser – one’s the kind you get at the grocery store, the other a Uni-E Knock eraser
  6. Kyoto FitCurve mechanical pencil
  7. A Pilot P-500 pen
  8. Three (for some reason) Pilot Razor Point fineliners
  9. A Sakura Decorese white gel pen
  10. A Tombow dual brush pen in Cool Grey 1
  11. Pentel 4mm correction tape
  12. A wee bone folder, which came in the same set as the mini X-acto knife
  13. Some Kokuyo mini sticky notes
  14. A steel 6″ ruler
  15. A bullet journal grid ruler from DearLily Designs on Etsy
  16. Some skull stickers, origin unknown

And across the top we have:

  1. A gift card or some other useless card cut in half, which I use to cut washi tape
  2. A wee glue roller I got in a pack from Staples
  3. An absolutely dreadful pencil sharpener that cost like fifty cents at Target or someplace
  4. Washi tape (I think both came from Joann originally) that I use to repair my bullet journal when I’ve torn out pages and the whole signature tries to fall out
  5. Some random page flags




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