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In all the madness of the spinning world, with the internet running in all directions as far as even Facebook can see, of all the myriad blogs about basically not much of anything out there in the vast wilderness of cyberspace, you have landed here, the home site of a little-known author who once wrote about Paganism, tends to write about vampires, and let’s be honest here, barely blogs much at all.

Welcome!  Thank you for coming over. Those who have been around my work a while know it’s worth sticking by me, or at least I hope it is and they seem to think it is.  My name is Dianne Sylvan, and I’ll be your writer here at CrazyBeautiful, a blog without a single subject to call its own, without a “brand,” without a clue. I am, in other words, just like most people these days, not sure where to go or what to do but sure we have to DO SOMETHING.

I used to be quite prolific, but bad experiences online and a pretty godawful downturn of my mental illness have kept me from writing for the better part of a year except in fits and snorts.  I’m working on remedying that, so, first of all, please allow me to reintroduce myself and we can start from here.

Name:  Dianne Sylvan

Birthdate:   November 19, 1977

Relevant Astrological Deets:  Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Rising, Pisces Moon, Ravenclaw/Slytherin Cusp

Height/Weight:  5’7″,  approx 350lbs.


  • back of neck:  Ahimsa (nonviolence) in Sanskrit
  • left shoulder blade: spider
  • right shoulder blade: butterfly (my very first ink, awwww)
  • right upper arm: phoenix/lotus
  • left upper arm:  snake
  • left forearm/inner:  “We’re all stories in the end” (Doctor Who quote)

Piercings:  One in each earlobe.

Missing body parts or organs:   Missing gallbladder.  Any sightings please email.

Hair color/length:  Purplish or bluish, pixie cut, very short.

Overall appearance:   Enormously fat.  Really, that’s the first thing you’ll notice, so there you have it.  I have pretty eyes, excellent skin, pretty hands and feet, and am exceedingly buxom, but let’s be honest, I’m fat, that’s what people see first.  Their loss I suppose if they don’t stick around.

General aesthetic:   Bargain basement couch?  Honestly I don’t dwell much on my appearance because at some point I just went, “…why?”  Finding sexy affordable vegan clothes/makeup that I like and that look good on me and are comfortable is way more effort than I want to expend most of the time.  I don’t owe anyone beauty. But mostly I wear jeans (elastic waist because of my nickel allergy, so, mega sexy there), black tops as long as I can find them, and in winter a variety of cardigan and sweater things. I usually wear black or brown boots but since I mucked up my back I’ve been sticking with my Ryka trainers. On a good day I look “together” and on a bad day I look “OH LAWD SHE COMIN’.”

Religious Thingie:  Paganesque.  I’ll go into this more soon.

Dietary Thing:   Ethical vegan.  

Food or other Allergies:   I’m allergic to nickel, penicillin, and cinnamon, so, I guess next up will be liniment, Phenergan, and and imminent militant Dominicans.

Other Health Concerns:  I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome stemming from the aforementioned gallbladder; an irregular heartbeat; pretty severe bipolar depression or whatever they’re calling bipolar II now; anxiety, insomnia, essential tremors in both hands, and contact dermatitis when exposed to nickel. Oh, and I have a bad back and a messed up right knee, each with its own story.

The author, age 41.

You are likely to find me:   In Starbucks, Epoch, or some other coffee place in Austin, with my Macbook and a pile of notebooks at hand, especially my bullet journal.

You may know me by:  The Shadow World Series of urban fantasy novels; my neoPagan nonfiction books The Circle Within: Creating a Wiccan Spiritual Tradition and The Body Sacred; my digital only urban fantasy series, the Agency; a few essays I wrote in the Vampire Diaries TV fandom back in the day; and my fan fiction adventures over on Archive of Our Own.

Other interesting things about me:  I am adopted, and yes I’m cool with that fact; I had two brothers growing up but one committed suicide in 2004; I do have a day job;  I live in Austin, TX with a roommate and 8 animal friends; and no, I do not have a publication date for SW book 8 just yet but YES it will absolutely happen regardless of whatever other projects I take on. Also, YES I am working on a new book that is not part of that series.

I have a lot of stuff to catch you up on, and things to share, but this’ll do for a beginning. It’s only February after all! I’m hoping to get into the habit of posting twice a week, so you’ll see me a lot more this year. Fingers crossed!

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