Queen of Shadows: the Non-Definitive Playlist

Back when I first posted this list I used Mixpod, which I don’t think even exists anymore – luckily now I can do the same on YouTube with a better result.  I even managed to find a couple of tracks that I couldn’t before.

Below the mix I’ve listed the songs and some notes on why they’re on the list; minor spoilers for Queen of Shadows apply.

1 – Brandi Carlile (live w/the Seattle Symphony) – Hallelujah – This song features prominently in the beginning of the book; Miranda has it stuck in her head.  Everyone and her dog has covered this song, but the version I love most is a live unplugged by Brandi Carlile – this one is similar but has orchestral backing.  The acoustic one was much more emotionally raw.

2 – Daughter Darling – Broken Bridge

3 – Poe – Hello

4 – Jem – Falling for You – Tracks 2-4 are mood music. I imagine “Broken Bridge” as one of those “walking around the city” sort of songs, and “Hello” as something that would be playing in the background in one of the Kerbey Lane scenes. I would have vastly preferred the studio version of “Falling for You,” but I couldn’t find it.

5 – Patty Griffin – Rain – Another that’s actually in the book; David eavesdrops on Miranda playing it.

6 – Anya Marina – All the Same to Me – For some reason makes me think of Sophie.

7 – Tori Amos – Silent All These Years – again, played by Miranda while she’s staying at the Haven, this time on the Bosendorfer.  Tori and her music (and her piano) were a huge influence on the first book and on Miranda’s development as a musician.  Here we see Tori at her own Bosendorfer, and her facial expressions as she’s playing immediately make me think of Miranda (especially crazy Miranda at the beginning).  If you really want to see the depth of wonderful weirdness that is Tori, look up her VH1 Storytellers episode on YouTube.

8 – Florence and the Machine – My Boy Builds Coffins – Mood music for one of the city scenes, probably with Kat.

9 – Sarah McLachlan – Witness – I know Sarah is the epitome of cliched love scene music, but this particular song has a darkness to it that I love, and I had it in mind in the background for the Big Sexy Bit.

10 – Joan Osborne – Man in the Long Black Coat – I had no idea this was a Dylan Cover until I went looking for this version online.  Naturally this song screams “vampires” or at least it does to me.  It wouldn’t necessarily play in a scene with David in it, but it would definitely accompany Miranda’s thinking about him.

11 – Metric – Help I’m Alive – I can hear this in the background of one of Sophie and Miranda’s training scenes.

12 – Bat for Lashes – Moon and Moon – Mood music, possibly the aftermath of the aforementioned Big Sexy Bit.

13 – Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan – Silence – Waaaaay back in 1999, this song inspired the very first version of Queen of Shadows. It would play during the end credits if QoS were a movie.

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6 thoughts on “Queen of Shadows: the Non-Definitive Playlist

  1. Great set of songs. I love the way your love of music shows in your writing.
    ps: could you do another playlist? 🙂

  2. I just discovered your book a week ago and was surprised to find myself obsessed after only reading the first one. It normally takes me at 2 books to get into a series b/c the first one is all about world/character building. Your book was so refreshingly different from other UF books I’ve read. The heroine was likeable, and David was just lovable. Authors in the UF genre have a tendency to make their males brooding, mysterious, and cold when it comes to everyone but their love interest. I have to be honest with you, it works for me and I find myself rooting that type. That’s why I was so surprised to find myself going gaga over David. Anyways, I am now officially a huge fan of you Ms. Sylvan and have already lent your book to my sister. Once she becomes obsessed, she’ll want her own copy too. July is too far away. 🙂

  3. I still think of snow on the sahara – a great song I’d never have heard if not for you and these stories back in the day. And various melissa etheridge songs and of course my immortal, but later on in the stories.
    Honestly, I will be the happiest person ever if these books become movies.

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