NOW AVAILABLE – SHADOW RISING, Book 7 of the Shadow World

Today’s the day!  The seventh and penultimate book of the Shadow World series is finally here!

at Amazon in Kindle format

in Paperback 

in Nook format at Barnes & Noble

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“Vegan Pagan’s Prayer” in a Lovely New Anthology

For those of you who have been longtime fans of my “Vegan Pagan’s Prayer,”  I’m pleased to announce it appears in this wonderful new anthology:


Even in My Dreams:  A Collection of Vegan Poems

‘Even in my dreams – a collection of vegan poems’ is one of the first anthologies of its kind.

With entries from over 30 vegan poets from around the world, this book allows you to explore the full spectrum of emotions experienced as a vegan. There are poems that speak with joy, sadness, despair, horror, frustration, confusion, triumph, hope, gratitude, humour and sarcasm.

“A beautiful volume of always touching, sometimes funny, and invariably accessible poems about why animals matter and why vegans stand up for them.” – Victoria Moran, author, podcaster, and Academy director: Main Street Vegan.

All profits from this book go towards the Barefoot Vegan Farm & Animal Sanctuary –

I’ve enjoyed every issue of Barefoot Vegan that I’ve read, and I highly recommend it – it’s got a more spiritual, not strictly food-focused focus than most other veg mags.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with food! Just sometimes I want to hear more about the mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of living an ahimsa-loving life.)

Profits from the anthology as well as magazine sales directly benefit the Barefoot Vegan Sanctuary, a recently-established home for animals located in France.  They’re just getting off the ground and every book helps more rescued critters find a peaceful, safe home!

If you’re a fan of mine who’s also veg-conscious, I’ve also written for another anthology, Call to Compassion: Religious Perspectives on Animal Advocacy.  Be sure and check it out too.

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Now Available…

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With her Shadow World novels, Dianne Sylvan introduced readers to a cast of complicated, powerful, nerdy vampires, Witches, and Elves who populate the nocturnal reaches of our world. Set in Austin, Texas, the series follows singer Miranda Grey as she becomes Queen of the South and she, her partner David, and their friends become embroiled in a midnight war for the fate of their kind.

Now, Sylvan offers a collection of “DVD extras” – supplemental scenes, short stories, character studies, and other fun pieces to add to the novels. Find out what happened the night before Miranda and David met; how other celebrities feel about Miranda Grey’s idiosyncratic lifestyle; what life is like for a long-suffering member of the Haven staff; and many more.

This collection features EIGHT all-new, never before published pieces – and, as a bonus, the first chapter of the as-yet-untitled seventh novel of the series.

Click Here for Kindle Version

Click Here for Nook Version

And to download a .pdf version:
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NOW AVAILABLE – SHADOWSTORM, Book 6 of the Shadow World


Today’s the day, my lovely readers!

At long last, SHADOWSTORM has officially climbed out of bed, put on a nerdy t-shirt, and is ready to wow, upset, offend, entertain, and hopefully satisfy one and all.

Shadowstorm is available in the following places right off, and will expand distribution in the coming weeks to other stores, brick-and-mortar stores, and more.  I don’t have any firm dates or locations for any of that, but for now you can get it:

at the Amazon Kindle Store

in paperback format on Amazon itself

Also, if you buy both the paperback and Kindle versions, you can get a happy discount on the Kindle.

in the Nook store at Barnes & Noble

Happy downloading and ordering, and I hope you enjoy the product of two years of labor pains, head bashing, and soooooo much coffee.

I’m already at work on Book 7, which is as yet untitled; if you want to read chapters of it as they’re written, come join my Patreon and get exclusive content while helping me do silly things like pay the phone bill and feed the cats.


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