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Pimp My Planner Sunday

As with any other pastime it turns out there are about a million ladies on the internet who like to post weekly pictures of their planner pages.  I didn’t really plan to do that until I found myself thinking, “I really have fun making these pretty every week, it’s a shame nobody else sees them.”

And thus…Pimp My Planner.  Sunday shall now be the day I post my pages for the past week (and you’ll get to see how dreadfully disorganized I am in my organization) as well as any links or ideas on the subject that hit me during the week.

Since May is almost over, I thought I’d use my first PMP post to show the general format I use for the whole month as well as individual weeks.

Part of the reason I’m doing this is that I’m currently at work making a planner of my own to sell on Etsy – I realized pretty quickly that paper planners are a really useful tool in managing illness, particularly things like bipolar that affect both your moods and your memory.  I’m going to include medication trackers, symptom trackers, all that jazz, as efficiently crafted but still pretty as I can make them.  The first version will probably be undated so you can download, print, and go to it any time; then I would like to do a full dated version for 2016, and stuff like that usually starts coming out July-August, so we’ll see.

In the meantime, enjoy!  See?  I really do use all that washi tape.  I use stickers and such from all over the place, and I made a lot of them out of clipart; I’ll list sources that I can recall at the bottom of the post.

may month




May Month-in-View:

Washi tape from Michaels (don’t remember the brand, sorry)
Quotes and Sayings stickers – printed myself, art from sparrowgraphic
alloon and tree tag stickers part of the Dream in Color collection from Webster’s Pages
Dots and banners from The Reset Girl
Period sticker, Amazon sticker, Day Off sticker made by me (Day Off sticker available in my Etsy Shop)
Round flower sticker downloaded from InkFive

All narrow washi tapes from zakkalover.


Green washi from Artsyville (Unfortunately she stopped selling washi, but her art is still adorable)
Oprah quote sticker and coffee cup stickers from my Etsy shop
The flowers and butterflies came from a 12×12″ sheet of cardstock stickers that I’ve had for years gathering dust, but I can’t remember who made it.


I’m pretty sure both those tapes are Recollections brand from Michaels, but I’ve had both forever so don’t quote me on that.
“Anything” sticker from Dream in Color collection
Miscellaneous flower and butterfly foil stickers by Recollections
Flags by The Reset Girl
Peacock printed from clipart by Decorartistclipart


Die-cut book washi tape from WashiTapeManiac (one of my favorite, favorite tapes)
Script washi from zakkalover (another one of my favorite tapes)
Girl on stack of books and name plate stickers from Santoro’s Gorjuss collection (I have a ton of their sticky notes too, I love the muted colors and the almost-dark-but-not-quite theme)
Typewriter and other vintage sticker elements downloaded from Vintage Glam Studio (lots of freebies)

See anything you’d like a source on?  Comment and I’ll do my best.

And yes, those are sex toys.

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Rather Silly Addictions #1: Sticky Notes

“Oh come on,” relatively recent Facebook friend said. “Everyone has lots of sticky notes. You can’t have that many.”


Keep in mind that, in the world of Filofax and planner addicts, this is a tiny collection.

sticky notes

I don’t know why these little bastards are so hard to resist. Maybe it’s that they come in so many sizes and designs, and all of them are useful for something, even if it’s just to mark where on a page you stopped reading. I love the specialized varieties like the recipe editor I mentioned in my last post. Let’s have a quick tour, shall we?

Starting at the back and going straight down the left hand side:

1 – Redi-Tag Divider sticky notes – not only a place to write notes, but a way to keep them organized.

2 – Post-it Note Tabs – same idea, just smaller with bigger tabs.

3 – Kitty page markers by Up&Up for Target – they also come in foxes.

4 –Sweet Afternoon page flags by Girl of All Work.  So handy for marking recipes, especially in library books you eventually have to take back.

5 – Teresa Collins sticky notes, “He Said She Said” collection – kind of a let-down. The designs are cute but there are only like 10 sheets on each pad. The typewriter and “Take Note” are both from the set, as are the doily looking thing and the yellow-framed arrow in the top right corner.  At any rate, they’ve been discontinued.

Now back to the top, one step to the right of the divider notes:

6 – Girl of All Work Recipe Editors, which I spoke of in my last post.  Such an awesome idea.

7 – Girl of All Work Sticky Tabs, Pemberley Edition – I love, love, love these.  They’re small enough to use as an index tab without covering up half the page, and the designs are lovely.  I keep thinking I should order another pack; the other designs of these tabs have sold out.

8 – Little B Decorative Paper Tabs – Butterfly – So pretty and detailed.  There are lots per stack, and though they’re not terribly sturdy paper, they’d be perfect for marking your favorite quotes or passages in a meaningful book.   There are a variety of other designs too, ranging from New York landmarks to the traditional owls.

Underneath those we have some basic Post-it notes in bright colors – I use the pink ones in my planner as shopping lists, because they’re impossible to ignore.  

9 – Super Sticky Post-it Notes, Animal Collection, Pig – Well you know I love pigs.  Combining them with sticky notes just seemed right somehow.

The next pad underneath is a personalized set from Vistaprint that I got when I ordered the bookplates I’m planning to send $5+ Patreon donors. 

10 – Ivy Leaf Sticky Notes – very pretty, but not terribly useful if you actually need something to jot a note on.  They’re pretty good for marking pages but there’s not a lot of sticky on them.  The Blue Morpho butterfly stickies to the right are made by the same people, and mostly I just use them like I would great big stickers, to make things pretty.  ( is an awesome place to find weird-ass sticky notes of all sorts, by the way.  As we speak I am fighting heroically against the desire to order from them.)

11- Back up at the top again we have three stacks of page flags, the Garden Stakes: Herb Garden collection from, you guessed it, Girl of All Work.  (I swear they’re not paying me.)

12 – Down in front are the CR Gibson Cookbook Page Flags; they come in a matchbook style sleeve so you can keep them all in one place and near your cookbooks.

Lastly, underneath the whole right side of the image is a collection of stickies I got all together; they come in a folder, the left side of which is underneath the other notes.  They’re from Santoro, a London company who creates merchandise made with the Gorjuss collection by Suzanne Woolcott.  They’re a little more dark and melancholy than a lot of the big-headed, big-eyed art journal girls you see everywhere, and there are a couple of designs I just absolutely adore.  They had this set of stickies, You Brought Me Love, and along with a few other things in their shop I had to have them.


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And Now for Something Completely Different: Sylvan Points at Stuff

While I’m mining my personal history for yet more delightful material, let’s have something a bit more fun.  I haven’t pointed at stuff in a while.

Let’s start with a song.

Next, have you ever made a recipe from a book and thought it was pretty good except for a couple of minor things, and you don’t want to forget your tweaks but you have a strange aversion to writing in your books much like my own? Worry not. There’s a sticky note for that.

Girl of All Work has so many fun fancy sticky notes it makes me salivate.  The page flags alone are like crack to me. But then, I clearly have a problem.

Taking a different track, though still involving paper because that’s pretty much all I’ve got going these days:

As I’ve said, I haven’t experienced any sort of conversion lately but I’ve come to appreciate a much broader definition of “sacred” and what I’m willing to learn. One of my favorite art journalers is a devout Christian, and recently she acquired this new kind of Bible that has a huge margin for making notes in. She and other artists have taken the opportunity to turn their Bibles into modern illuminated manuscripts reflecting their interpretations and connection to the words, and they’re gorgeous. Valerie (said journaler) has a whole pinboard on the subject, but hers is still my favorite work:

I mean holy crap!  Er…holy wow.

I’ve been making stuff lately too, though perhaps not as inspired as Valerie’s journaling:

I have another set of quote/inspiration stickers up on my Etsy shop – they were designed with the EC Life Planner in mind, but hey, they’re rectangles. You can stick ‘em wherever they fit. I really like how these turned out; again, it’s all my own work, not art swiped from other artists.

I’m hoping to have some new shrines soon as well.  I’ve got a Kwan Yin going that will knock your socks off.

Speaking of sock-knocking, while we’re on Etsy, I love love love this watercolor print that features one of my favorite quotes – not only does it match my bedroom, it’s properly attributed. If you see someone say that Galileo said this, they’re WRONG.

I’ve seen so many lovely pieces of typographical and calligraphic art with a quote misattributed – worse yet is when people are selling those items (the only thing worse is massive spelling or grammar errors in something you’re trying to sell people – my peeves, let me show you them). Anyway, I downloaded this piece and printed it out, and it looks amazing.

Five things is good for now, right?  I’ll point some more another time.  I’ve got some musings to write down from my very first ever solo writing retreat, aka “Sylvan Loves Hotels and Is Easily Distracted but it’s Awesome Anyway.”

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