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Planner Friday: A Shameless Plug

Greetings all!  I had another week without any real planner prettiness to show off, but I do have something planner-related to share:


That’s right – from now until December 1, you can buy any two sticker sheets (printed) in the shop and get one of equal or lesser value FREE.  

That includes planner themes and sets of stickers (like the butterfly tracker stix that are two different designs).  All you have to do is tell me in the “note to seller” on checkout which sheet you’d like as your freebie.

There’s no limit – buy ten sheets, get five free.  Shipping will be the same as usual.

There’s only one catch:  None of the orders will ship until October 20.  I’m still in the process of unearthing my shop from the move, and at the moment have nothing set up to print or cut with.  Within a week either our craft room will be up and running or I’ll set up on the coffee table, whatever I have to do!

If you’ve been wanting to stock up for the coming new year (yeah, planner people think that far ahead), or there’s a set you like that you’d like more of, now’s the time to save!

(Sale doesn’t apply to shrines, sticker albums, or printables.)

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The Thursday List for 10/13/16


I finally had a few minutes to sit down and make a list! It’s not terribly pretty but it’s a start.  I didn’t have any sort of coloring toys with me so I had to stick with black and white.

I’ve been under such tremendous stress lately I decided to start off with a basic “things I love” list. Enjoy!

(Incidentally I’m using up pages in my 30 Lists journal that I didn’t fill, which is why today’s is labeled 26.)


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Planner Friday: Movin’ on Up (Like George and Wheezy)

planner friday postb

“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “to pack yo’ shit and move.”

This week is all about transitions.  The month is changing, the season is (slowly and grudgingly) changing, next week I start a new day job (OMG) and Saturday my roomie and I are moving house.  It’s been a rocky process to say the least, and I just about came unspooled today from cumulative stress and uncertainty.  But we’re on the downhill run, even though it doesn’t seem so, and day after tomorrow some young men with large muscles and a big truck will load up all of our stuff, we’ll load up the animals, and off we go.  It’s only about six miles away but feels like another continent – I’ve lived in the same Austin neighborhood for 12 years!

At any rate, I decided to bust out the map washi tape I’ve had for months and do a theme based on travel, movement, journeys, and the like.  I really had fun with the two maps – they’re actual images from Google Maps of my old and “new” neighborhoods (technically I’m moving back to an area I’ve lived in before), which I tinted sepia and then used colored pencil to make them a little more vintage-y.  I love the dotted line connecting the two – it was a moment of inspiration that turned out really cute.

The new feature this week is the shopping list sticker.  It ended up being pretty handy, so I think I’ll add it to my weekly framework.  Every week I have some variation of the “Dailies” sidebar, the column headers (usually there’s “to do,” “events,” and “writing,” but I haven’t needed the latter two with the move going on), the this-and-next-week headers, and the weekend header.  I have their dimensions memorized so I can make new ones every week in about five minutes, using whatever font and colors I think go with the theme.  I build the whole theme in the Silhouette Studio app that came with my Cameo machine, though I don’t actually cut them with the machine most of the time; I slice them up with my paper trimmer and take them with me to Starbucks on Sunday afternoon as part of my weekly planning ritual.


If you’re after map washi like mine, you can find the same one here on Etsy; you can also just search Etsy for “map washi” and come up with several different styles.

Packard Antique font (free)

And here’s the song stuck in my head thanks to this post’s title, just to share the love:

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30 Lists Thursday

Well, this’ll be the last post of this round of 30 Days of Lists – I feel bad that I only managed to do a few of them, but this month kind of exploded on me.

I think I’m going to continue to post fun lists like this on Thursdays, though – I’ll just do random ones.  There are lots of sources for lists on the internet, including a gaggle of them on Pinterest.  I might just do one or two a week and take a bit more time on them – I kind of half-assed most of these poor guys.

Anyway, here we are:




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