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Planner Friday: Land of the Peach Trees

planner friday postb

This week on Planner Friday, we have a foray into the dangerous world of the dangerously beautiful.  I give you, my Peach Tree Theme:

august 15-21

What’s a Peach Tree, you ask?  It’s someone whom I can describe by saying, “I’d climb that boy like my Aunt Mary’s peach tree.”

Ah, but just being pretty isn’t enough – the entertainment world is full of pretty boys who don’t do a thing for me.  In the above cases I’m either hot for the guy and his talent, or his personality as a human being apart from his work, OR I’m hot for a character he plays, not so much the guy himself.  (In fact that’s the case with most of these fellas, as you’ll note.)  Here’s the roster, starting at Monday:

Adam Levine from Maroon 5 (Love his voice, and oh lord those tattoos)
Benedict Cumberbatch (Love pretty much everything he does, especially when he TALKS, but I went with one of my favorite roles of his – I do love an evil genius.  I plan to drool all over my popcorn when Doctor Strange comes out around my birthday.)
Idris Elba (Again, love all his work, and that presence is just amazing – I would slap my grandma to see him as Bond***)
Tom Hiddleston (I have the general hots for him, but I haven’t been into all of his roles; here we see him as Adam from Only Lovers Left Alive, easily one of my favorites.  If you haven’t seen this movie YOU MUST OMG, he plays a vampire musician married to Tilda Swinton and it’s glorious.)
Ian Somerhalder (Obviously I adored him as Damon on The Vampire Diaries, but Ian himself is such a big-hearted world-saving idealist, bless him, I want to make him cupcakes and help him rescue animals.  You know, naked.)

Then we have the CW contingent:
Joseph Morgan (Klaus from The Originals)
Daniel Gillies (Elijah from The Originals)
Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen from Arrow)
Charles Michael Davis (Marcel from The Originals)
All four of these guys are here because I love their characters.  They’re also charming bastards in real life, and Stephen in particular is such a hoot on Twitter and Facebook – plus, he’s so disgustingly cute with his daughter Mavi.  Jerk.

And while we’re on the subject of characters, we also have

Chris Evans (Steve Rogers in the MCU – I don’t really go for Chris just in general, but I love how he plays Cap.  His performance made me love the character even though I had zero interest in Captain America going in.  Plus…biceps.)
David Giuntoli (Nick from Grimm – the more badass and tortured the character gets the more he sets my lady garden a-tremblin’.  Go figure)

And because I wasn’t paying attention we have an extra Tom Hiddleston, napping.  Really though you can never have too much Tom Hiddleston napping.

*** – Okay, here’s the thing – I don’t like James Bond. I think he’s a throwback to a shitty kind of masculinity and totally boring as a result.  I did enjoy Daniel Craig’s portrayal in the first of his movies because it was far more nuanced than anyone had played him before, but everything after that was just “meh.”  When people talk about the idea of Hiddleston playing Bond, I just shake my head – I don’t want him to.  At all.  Sure, he’d be suave and badass, but he’d also be another white guy playing James Bond.  I’d rather him keep taking weird and interesting roles like Crimson Peak and Only Lovers than strap himself to an outdated franchise.  But if Idris Elba were to take the part, THAT would be cool – he’d be something new, shake up the crusty crackerfest strain-on-credulity that is 007, and could bring all sorts of interesting stuff that might just make the movies fun.  That’s just my opinion.


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Hey, you…

Yes, you…you deserve to love yourself. You deserve kindness and care, you deserve respect. You deserve to treat yourself the way you would treat someone who means the world to you. You mean the world to me.

Do you hear me?

I don’t care what you did. I don’t care what you failed at. You are real, and beautiful, and I see you.

I think you are amazing.  Because you’re trying. You’re striving. You’re breathing when you have the option not to. You’re still here when so many aren’t. And you want things, and you ache for things, and aching makes you human. And being human…think of all the stars, all the dust motes that haven’t had a chance to be human, to eat pizza and have crazy marathon sex and watch all the Star Wars movies and wonder what on earth is wrong with Gwyneth Paltrow and play MarioKart.

You’re human and broken and still here.

I love you for it.

I don’t care about the cuts on your arms or the food you didn’t eat or the food you did eat. I don’t care about your oddly shaped nose or your big ass or your screwed up brain chemistry. I don’t care what your father did or what those bitches in high school said.

I don’t care what your mind is telling you right now – its job is to invent things.  Its creativity is boundless.  Your mind is a consummate storyteller, and let me tell you something about storytellers:  We lie.  Your on-board storyteller might have been lying to you your whole life, telling you you’re worthless or too damaged to ever be whole.  But trust someone who’s been telling stories for nearly four decades:  Any time it makes you feel small and shackled, it’s lying to you.

The universe expands. What is real and true reaches out and embraces; the truth doesn’t shrink you.  Whether it’s your brain or a politician, only liars want to separate you from love.  The truth flows through you, connects you to the world.  Love is like water; it expands to fill the space provided.  Anyone or anything who says “not enough” or “not good enough” is lying.

Always believe the stories that make you feel free.

You are splendid. Starstuff. Worthy.



A thing.

You are made of the same dust that forms stars and planets and presidents and the dinosaurs and mountains and janitors and ice cream and the most adorable motherfucking kittens of all time.

Those stars out there are thinking, “Holy crap, I’m made of the same dust as _______.” (that’s you, by the way) “How cool is that?”

Please don’t forget that.

You are loved by people who don’t even know your name.

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Planner Friday: How Many Fox Do I Give?

planner friday

Turns out I give about this many fox:

august 8-14

As you might imagine there are weeks when I can’t think of a damn thing to use as a theme.  This week I was feeling out of sorts and Not in the Mood, so I almost just slapped some washi across the page and called it a day; but having pretty planner pages does good things for my brain whimsy, and I remembered I had a fox theme I’d started but never finished.  All it needed was header strips, and voila!  I may not give a lot of fox off the page, but on the page they’re legion.

Ideally I’d like to have two or three spare themes hanging out in my Dropbox so on “off” weeks I still have the ritual of decorating to soothe my addled serotonin levels.  My weekly planner time really does make me feel better – it’s a concrete reminder that a new week is starting, it’s a blank slate, and it has a chance to be beautiful no matter what the last week looked like.  And even if it’s not, no big deal!  It’s just one week!

(Cue “One Week” by Barenaked Ladies, just to be sure it gets good and stuck in all our heads.)

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More Meditation Resources

Right after I posted about Sally Kempton’s awesome book Meditation for the Love of It, I fell for Amazon’s “three free months of Audible” offer and lo, I found this:


This audio recording, about 2 hours long, distills most of the really good stuff from Kempton’s book, and includes tons of exercises – and it’s all ready by Sally Kempton herself, in a soothing, gentle voice that is perfect for helping you glide into a meditative state.  (There are clips available so you know what you’re getting into – there’s nothing worse than starting a guided med only to find out Mickey Mouse’s helium-addled cousin is leading it.)

I’ve been working my way through it and taking copious notes as I go; I’ve also gone back and used a couple of tracks for my meditative practice on nights it was hard to get there on my own.

You can download the recording from Audible or iTunes (and probably other places too) or order the actual CD from Amazon.

Meanwhile, back in the land of free stuff, I happened across a cool Goddess meditation on YouTube (several, actually, but I’m still listening to them to see which I like).  The sound isn’t the best on this one, so it’s better to have playing over speakers rather than earphones, but it’s well-paced and has familiar, easily accessible imagery to work with.  It’s basically just a short journey to spend time with the Goddess in whatever guise you need.

YouTube is loaded with guided meditations, meditative music, and other free resources to help support your practice regardless of your tradition or lack thereof.  Whether you want a big long astral journey, a daily grounding, or just some nice woo-woo music and nature sounds, YouTube’s got you covered.  There’s a form of meditation out there for everyone, and thanks to YouTube you can play with different types and find what speaks to you.  Some examples:

9 hours of “Celtic” meditation music (I’m not going to vouch for its authenticity, but it is pretty):

A good old-fashioned Pagan-style grounding led by Starhawk herself:

Another nice grounding/relaxation with soothing imagery:

And of course, if all else fails there’s always…

Breathe in strength…breathe out bullshit.


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Help Me Out Here…

Why is there a frog on my blog? I think a better question is, why isn't there a frog on yours?

Why is there a frog on my blog? I think a better question is, why isn’t there a frog on yours?

If you blog at all you’ve probably run up against the idea that you need a “focus.”

If you read my blog at all you know I don’t really have that.  Never have.

I used to be mostly a Pagan blogger and wrote mostly about spirituality.  But then I got into veganism and cooking and started writing about that sometimes, and also about body image, on account of writing a book about it.  Then I started publishing novels, and talked about that.  I’ve tried figuring out how to juggle all the things I was into, and never really felt comfortable with the balance I didn’t achieve.

As I mentioned, my life has kind of gone down the toilet in the last few years from a mental health perspective, and now I’m at a place where I don’t really have much to say about most of what I used to be enthusiastic about.   These days I’m feeling better, and once again I’m considering what I want my blog to be – I have no intention of choosing one subject to stick with, or even two, but I have this awesome platform to talk about whatever I want in whatever way I want, and I’m working out how that figures in to my writing life.

So what I’d like from you guys, if you have a moment, is links:  Tell me about your favorite blogs.  Any subject, any purpose; from strict DIY to philosophical musing to celebrity gossip.  What sites do you find most entertaining, useful, meaningful?

I’m not planning to change what you see here, at least not to match anything you show me; I just want inspiration, new angles to consider.  I had a lot of fun writing the series week before last about my anniversary, and it made me want to post more often, but I keep running up against the “about what?” wall.  So tell me, in terms of both content and appearance, what do you enjoy reading?

Any links would be greatly appreciated, either here or on Facebook or Twitter.  Happy Monday!

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