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Planner Friday: End of May Edition

planner friday postb

Another month gone…and here we are almost halfway through the year!   Seriously, what the hell?

This month I skipped a week’s planning – I was on a trip to Portland for a week, and the week I got back I just couldn’t be buggered to put forth any effort.  I quite like the other three weeks’ themes, though!  One favorite movie, one favorite beverage, one favorite divinatory tool/artist.

may 2-8

Font used: Cezanne

may 9-15

Font Used: Bosshole

Coffee Shop washi tape from Etsy

may 23-29

Font Used: Chanticleer Roman and Jellyka Delicious Cake

Rainbow washi tape from Collage in Portland, OR.

Learn more about the Shadowscapes Tarot deck and the art of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law here on her website.

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Shadow World Extra: Order Form

Just for fun I made a much cruder version of this last year and thought I’d update it to reflect current circumstances at the Haven (and my slightly better grasp on graphic design).

I had this idea that there must be concierge-like businesses in the Shadow World contracted to do the shopping for these busy, eccentric nerds of the night.  Sure, the household staff could manage it, but it seems more efficient to outsource everyday errands to professional shoppers.  Naturally if for some reason the online order form wasn’t working it stands to reason someone would leave out a list for everyone to jot down what they’re running low on.  I think the rest is pretty self-explanatory.

order form

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Coming July 5, 2016…

mbm coverMet by Midnight – Shadow World Stories and Scenes, Volume 1

Now you can own the entire collection of Shadow World extra stories – not just the ones that were featured here on my website, but NINE BRAND NEW STORIES that have never been seen before.

This edition will be available for Kindle and Nook, as well as in pdf format, for $4.99.

(No print edition is currently planned.)

The stories run the length of the entire series up through SHADOWSTORM.  Spend more time with your favorite characters and get to know a few better.

(Collection won’t include graphic Extras like the LOLCats or “Little Known Facts”; those will still be here on the site for free.)

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Sylvan Points at Stuff, First of May Edition

Here are some things the internet gave me!

Did I mention I have a food blog now?  I do.

I’m (very very slowly) working on a cookbook project, so it’ll be the repository for essays, recipes, and whatever else food-related I feel like writing about.

Ever wonder what the Imperial March sounds like played on a sitar?  Sure you have.

28 Parts of Depression that Often Get Missed

Space Jam.

This had me giggling for days:

Two Medieval Monks Invent Bestiaries.

“It is incredibly worrying when the bedbird tucks you in.”
Meanwhile, lookit my adorable new shirt, BB-Atsume:

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 1.14.47 AM

That’s not me wearing it, that’s just some dude.  I have much bigger boobs. Via Redbubble.

Your Silence is Deafening: An Open Letter to the Target Boycotters.  This entire made-up bullshit issue infuriates me.  (Not the issue of transphobia – that one’s obviously not made up. I’m talking about this bullshit ‘WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?’ people are spouting when there is NO EVIDENCE trans people ever do more than go in the bathroom to FUCKING PEE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.)  In fact it makes me so goddamn mad I can’t write about it, but this letter does a pretty good job saying what I’d like to say.

I think after that I need an adorable, hopeful puppy.  Let’s have an adorable, hopeful puppy.

There, that’s better.

And just to be sure a better mood is achieved, let’s go wash a sloth.  Wednesday is bath day!

This week is the 20th anniversary of The Craft.  No, seriously, 20 years.  Feel old yet?  That’s the year I graduated high school.  Here’s the review I wrote waaaaaaay back in 2010.

I have, at long last, found the dairy-free ice cream of my dreams, and no, it’s not the new Ben & Jerry’s almond-milk flavors (turns out I just don’t like almond milk as a base for frozen treats):  So Delicious’ Cashew Milk flavors.  OH MY GOD THE SNICKERDOODLE.  YOU MUST HAVE IT.   I want to try them allllllll.  So far I’ve got containers of the Chocolate Cookies n’Cream and the Vanilla, but I’m hoping to find the Cappuccino at the Big Freaking Whole Foods.

Fond of Instagram and cosplay?  You must check out @queenofluna – she does absolutely gorgeous and amazing work with makeup and hijab.  Her painting skills are a thing of wonder.

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